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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Brunch and Life Updates

Hello blogworld! So this past week or so has been super hectic. So much going in my life (once again) that I am working on a comfortable schedule that can allow me to do everything I need to do each day and that includes blogging--which I love so much.

One of the "mayor" things that have happened is that I started a new job and the other one I don't want to talk much about it right now because I'm still in mourning stage :(. But I will share eventually.

So, I no longer travel to Long Island for work. I now take the sometimes extremely packed train (but cheaper commute) to Wall Street!! So, this new job is kinda bittersweet because although I am FINALLY working in the city (where I always wanted to be) my actual work has not changed much. My plan is to change careers and I hope the universe knows this and I can eventually do something different in the near future :). The company that hired me has multiple departments which is something I am excited about as I hope to switch in to a different kind of work once I "prove myself". I guess you can say.

So anyways, this quick blog post is to share a delicious and pleasant brunch experience I shared with a friend of mine last weekend. We went to JoJo restaurant  (check out the Yelp on this).

What I loved: The food was AMAZING and the staff was VERY attentive and nice. The restaurant also has a "Parisian" feel to it and the decor made me feel as if I was still abroad.

What I didn't like so much: The brunch menu kinda "forces" you in to a $28 3-course meal which includes two different kinda entrees plus dessert. I think that's a little bit too much money and too much food for brunch (w/ no unlimited drinks as there are in other places). Nonetheless, now I know better and next time I'll make sure to stay away from the $28 option. I would definitely go there again!! Here are some photos:

What I had:

What my friend had:

We tried each other choices. I have to say the french toast was a million times better than the pancakes (more tasty) but all in all everything was delicious!

So now I have to do some overdue cleaning around the apartment which may or may not be resembling an episode of hoarders.

...On a final random note. Can someone please tell me why I bought a $2.50 chocolate bar after lunch today? (With the emphasis on the $2.50 + tax)

I think I was too spoiled by my Europe trip. Cadbury chocolate is amazing!

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far! <3

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