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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Overdue Post: Yankee Stadium 5k Run

Ive obviously been slacking on the blog post this past year. I apologize for that. A lot going on but blogging always brings me back a sense of peace and calm. Is like therapy. I know my fellow bloggers would agree :)

So this is way overdue! This past August I ran the Damon Runyon at yankee stadium. It was such an amazing experience and even better because I got to run it with my friends and for a cause. I dedicated the run to my grandpa who passed away about 11 years ago to cancer. The foundation benefits cancer research so when my friends wanted to do it, I could not agree more.

Without further ado, here are some photos of the event:

Before beginning race: My buddy Kelly & me:

Where can I storage my stuff? "Over there".

For grandpa:

Group pic right before race:

Final Group pic after race:

Idalia and I relaxing in front of the yankee stadium post race:

I hadnt trained much for the race but somehow got through it. I almost didnt go and was having doubts the night before (my friends and I even called each other trying to make each other feel better about not going). However, im SO GLAD we didnt listen to the lazy side of ourselves and did the race. it was an AMAZING experience and I would do it all over again. <3

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