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Friday, November 4, 2011

Top Health Blogger :)

Hey everyone!

So I just want to announced that I was accepted in to the WELLSPHERE Top Health Blogger network. The "new" item I was referring to on my previous post is the top health blogger badge that appears to your right. I know there is a way to enter my picture in to that little square in the middle of the icon but Im still trying to figure it out. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Im super excited to be part of this network and that they recognize my passion for healthy living.

In other news, Im super exhausted so, just a quickly would like to show the rest of my eats of today before I hit the sack this evening.

(Quick and easy--typical turkey & cheese on whole bread with pita chips on the about a food rot but I love it!)

Managed to put together what I'd like to call a pasta/broccoli/chicken casserole. It was pretty good and satisfying.

My sweet tooth kicked in shortly after and I found this around the apartment:
I know special K is not what you would call nutritious but it hit the spot very well :)

A little later I got somewhat hungry again or I was just craving something else so I had a cup of yogurt w/ granola (not pictured) and NOW I'm fully satisfied :).

Cant believe the weekend is practically here! Crazy. I am meeting up for dinner with some ex co-workers of mine tomorrow night and I am super excited! Cant wait to see some good friends, have some good fun plus some drinks and laughs. :)

Well, 'till tomorrow fellow bloggers. I'm super tired for some strange reason.


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