Ma Bella Vita: Saturday Trip to Trader Joe's N Career Dilemma

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Trip to Trader Joe's N Career Dilemma

Sooo I left my apartment this afternoon...
(Pardon the toilet behind me)

... with the intention to go wash my car. So, I get in to my vehicle and concluded that it wasnt really that dirty. I decided to put the carwash money towards something more worthwhile and so I remembered about my wayyy overdue trip to Trader Joe's!

And so, I drove about 22 minutes (as per my Iphone GPS) away from my apartment and towards the nearest location. And here is what I got in a nutshell:

I was starving during my drive back home so I ate about 2/3 of the sushi and called it "lunch":

...Now I am back home, did some cleaning and Im ready to heat up last night's leftover's for dinner. The plan is also to crack open my finance book (yes again) and start studying for exam #2. (Does this ever end?)

By the way, during my drive back home from TJs I was once again pondering on the idea of leaving business school for a little bit to pursue the RD degree I've always wanted. I would work in pediatrics as I believe that would be an area I would absolutely love because I would be able to relate to so many children due to my childhood as an allegedly "overweight child"--as per society's standards (I'll eventually share what I mean by this on a future post. A lot to say). So anyways, Im about half way through my MBA degree but many times I find myself wondering why I am pursuing a business degree when my true passion is nutrition studies. I guess I can say I also have a passion for business but I often wonder which passion is stronger.

Life decisions are tough :( Cant I go back to being 5 again?

(Baby pic of me in the Dominican Republic :)

...That'd be nice.

Well....Enjoy your saturday night. Are you doing anything fun? Please share! :))


  1. I need to get to Trader Joe's this week, I just wish there was one down the street! My drive isn't 22 miles, but it does take about 20 minutes to get there.
    I think it would be awesome to go back to school to become a dietitian. Let me know if you ever have any questions, as I'd be happy to help!

  2. Thank so much Gina :). Really appreciate you reaching out. I might be contacting u soon. Hope everything is well :))


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