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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Return of the Blogger

Hey everyone! the I am back to the blogworld. Not that I ever left. My love for reading other people's blogs have remained intact and so I've still been doing that. My love for writing remains intact as well but the time to do it has been quite scarce. Im hoping I can get back to blogging regularly and continue sharing my foods, fitness adventures, and life in general. Blogging is like therapy and one of my fave' hobbies so, although sometimes I might take a long or short break; I always come back sooner or later. :)...and so here I am.
Where do I even begin?! My life has changed so much since my last post. Well, couple of major things have happened. I have a new job (which I did share previously) and I also moved in to my own one-bedroom very spacious apartment. It is something I am very proud of because I was able to save enough money to get my own place and is something I've been very excited about. Im very, very good with my money (in terms of savings, investing, etc. etc) and this apartment is truly a dream come true and somewhat the aftermath of my discipline with my finances...without further ado, here are some photos:

 The Bedroom:

The kitchen (I spend a whole lot of time in there):

Half of the living room:

Second half (biggest part of the whole apartment is the living room):

The bathroom is missing from the photos. Was not in picture condition :)
This is obviously a work in progress. I still need to get a bookshelf and choose paint and nice artwork for the walls because everything looks kinda' bland. But little by little I'll put things together. Im super excited about it.

Besides a new job and a new place Im also still in the MBA grad school program part time. This semester I finally decided to sit down and figure out how many classes I have left. Turns out I have 9 classes left after this semester. So close but yet feels soooo far. At the pace I am going, God only  knows when I'll be done! My new employer doesnt pay for grad school so the money will either come out of pocket or via student loans. Im rooting for the student loans. But a part of me wonders still whether I want to finish this degree. One main reason why I was pursuing it (aside from my LOVE for business and finance studies) is that fact that the money wasnt coming out of my pocket. But now it would be. Unless a generous soul out there wants to sponsor me and pay for my grad studies. I'll be forever grateful ;)

Also, I want to share that a part of me is also very interested in food/nutrition/healthy living studies. Ive been thinkingt about different programs. So, whether or not I finish the MBA I still want to pursue my other passions. Im one of those weird people that loves to learn, can u tell?!

So, getting used to a new job, a new commute and a new life kinda led me to put my healthy habits in the back burner for a bit. Many of you may know how tough it can be to kind of get used to new things when life takes a crazy loop (this one was a good loop, but still :). But, I am happy to say that I am back on track and Im introducing exercise and healthy habits back in to my life and Im feeling very good about that! Nothing beats treating yourself right.

Cant wait to share my eats, exercise attempts, my experiences in this new life im just starting. Super excited <3

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