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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Happy Sunday!

Breakfast today:

OATMEAL! Can you tell I love oatmeal? I also added 1/2 frozen banana and that brown stuff is almond butter. Plus Cinnamon on top.

Yesterday I went to Marshalls to do some shopping. I found a couple of really cute shams for my bed (shams are the flower-y pillow covers) and also got new pillows:

I also spent about an hour in the food aisle but they didn't have much going on. I've been looking to add some 'gluten free' items in to my diet lately. I got some gluten free bread at TJs the other day. At Marshalls all I could find was sweet stuff so I got granola bars and those  "Lucy" cookies I've heard so much about in other blogs:

Haven't tried either one yet. I'll share what I think.

Today I want to go to target to get some additional stuff I need.  But I'm going to go work out first. I've been taking some kick boxing/strength training classes which I've loving. Def. a big change from the regular treadmill/elliptical routine at the gym.

Happy Sunday <3

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