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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good food, Exercise and Friends

Good morning sushines!
Woke up feeling a million times better today. Yesterday I had the Monday blues which I’ve been getting almost every Monday morning and the symptoms usually begin on Sunday nights. Ha! Usually a when I am feeling down it can be a trigger for me to eat badly for some reason. However yesterday I did manage to eat healthy the whole day. I usually bring my lunch but I didn’t have time to prepare anything the night before so I treated myself to lunch at “Cosi”. Their food is amazing and super healthy.

Had a "Cosi club" roaster turkey, lean bacon, lettuce tomato and some special dressing. I dont count calories but it was only about 495, as per the info on the menu.
As my afternoon snack I had a Luna bar and some green tea. My love for green tea cannot be described with words. I also may or may not have an obsession with Luna bars!

Post work I had an amazing cardio workout at the gym right before my night class. I cannot emphasize enough how much eating healthy and exercising plays a major role in my mood and outlook on life. No matter what is going on or how sad I may be feeling; knowing that I am taking good care of myself helps a ton! And also, allows me to realize and be clear on the fact that everything is temporary. Usually, when I am eating junk food and being lazy my mind gets clouded because I am trying to mask my emotions and It just adds to any sad state I may in at that moment. So, Im happy to know that treating myself right keeps me above water. ßI learned this from keeping a food diary. Many people are emotional eaters. Please know that there is hope and there is a way to track this and manage it effectively.
I also have to say that I am very grateful for my friendships and friends that care. I sent my best friend a text yesterday (hi Lopez) asking her input on something that had been bothering me. As always, she was there for me and helped me put things in to perspective. Love u!
So this was my breakfast this morning:

I am obsessed with the combination TJs almond butter and strawberry preserves (I get the preserves at TJ maxx or Marshalls—they call it gourmet items in the receipts. Usually organic and super affordable!). I also had my usually cup of Joe with skim milk (no sugar). It wakes me right up in the morning and I love it.
Now im planning for a productive day. Wishing you the same.
Question: How do you manage your emotions? Do you keep a food diary?

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  1. You meant Sor Juana Ines ;-). Love you more! Thanks for the motivation!!


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