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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Spartan Race Post

So on a typical Wednesday afternoon as I was on my way home from work and looking forward to a fun weekend (had some stuff planned including celebrating a good friend's birthday on Saturday night and my sister's Masters graduation party) I get the following random text from my dear sibling:

(Monna not her real name. Is what I call her...:D)

I cant lie that I was immediately filled with anxiety, worry, excitement, fear and a mix of all the up and  down emotions you can possibly think of. I then may or may not have started to frantically google the word/phrase "Spartan" "Spartan Race NY" only to find one terrifying description after another and it was just getting worse as my 'reasearch' continued. Here is one of them. Right on the first page of the site:

"This course screams GUTS and is INSANE. Try to crush it and it will crush you if you don't have what it takes".

All Racers Receive:
  • - Finishers Medal
    - T-Shirt
    - Free Beer ticket for anyone 21 and over
    - Bragging Rights
    - Free Mud
    <---Oh how nice. I can always use some "free mud."
    - High Pressure Water to the Gut <----What?- Roasted Shoelaces <---What is this supposed to mean?!- Scrapes and Bruises
    - Awesome Stories to Tell <---
    Yeah. I bet. If you're still alive after.

Ummmm ok.
So pretty much the idea of the race sounded like death to me but also for some strange reason it sounded like a challenge I should tackle. However, although I have been working out almost every day and eating well, etc. I felt that this challenge seemed to be beyond my physical capacity and what do you do when something seems like a crazy/impossible challenge?
....And that's what I did.

To make a long story short I arrived at my mom's house to meet with my sister Saturday morning only to listen to my mom asking why I was doing this and that she "hopes I complete it but she doesn't think I'll do it" HUH?! My motivation just sky-rocketed at that point and it was officially ON.

So, me, my sister and two of her very cool male friends drove up to Tuxedo, NY for this mysterious race. We got there, picked up our Bibs, put our bags away, stretch, and and some signed their lives away in a waiver which specified the Spartan management is not responsible for anything that may happen in the race (side note: I somehow got away with not signing the waiver).

And so, at 12:30 PM on Saturday June 2nd; the greatest physical challenge of my life to this day begun. So, without further ado' here are some photos. Some we took before/after the race and some I got from the website. (Pics just became available yesterday).

Some Bfore photos:

Welcome to Tuxedo, NY:
 My sis and the boys:

My sister to the left, me right:

NYPD Finest: :)


Celebratory beer post race (Blueberry-Wheat flavor):

The sister and I post-race "shower":

Instagram Art :):

The sis and I again in front of spartan sign, post-race:

"Amazing" post-race hair:

Exhausted but proud of our medals:

Before our quick shower while waiting on line. "Congrats, you officially look like a mess" YUP!

All I kept thinking about during the race:

Very unflatting photos from the site but I look very focused:

 Oh yeah, this is what the meant by "Roasted Shoe Laces":

The after-thoughts:

So, I felt sooo accomplished after the race and is something that I am very proud off. They were right about the millions of bruises and scratches on your body after the fact. The most challenging part of the race being the I dont know how many yards we had to crawl on mud under bob-wire UPHILL to get thru our second to last obtacle. Another tough challenge was jumpin over very high walls. In one of those jumps I landed on my right knee and it has been bothering me since. It is a week post race and I feel pretty much recovered although still somewhat sore. However, my knee stands out and I am waiting for it to heal fully. I have been icing it, etc. Check out the frozen veggies:

 And believe it or not the bruises looked 100x much worse in person:

So it took my sister and I about 2 hours to finish the obstacle course. We did a lot of bonding, fist pumping and hugging. She is the real athlete in my family and she had my back all through the race. She's been the same in real life as well. I think the fact that I live on my own now has made me appreciate her that much more. This race is hopefully the first of many more we'll run together. I actually had "run race with sister" as one of the items on my "bucket list" guess that's one I can remove now:

"run race with sister"

New addition: Run 10 more races with sister :)

Some of things I learned from this race:

1. My sister is always there for me.
2. It is amazing what your body can do if you focus: MIND OVER MATTER <---That statement could not be anymore true.
3. Your body is an AMAZING god-made machine which can endure a lot. Treating your body with respect is the best give you can give this machine and it will love you back that much more.
4. It is amazing how a body has the ability to heal itself (I kinda knew this before but going thru certain experiences is a true eye-opener because you can experience it first hand).
5. It is important to keep in mind that just like your body can do a lot for you; you also have to take care of it and be conscious of the things you put it through which can cause more injury than necessary (IE: me jumping over that wall; should have thought about putting weight on BOTH my legs not just on my poor right knee---Balance!).
6. Never give up: I kept thinking about the phrases "slow and steady win the race" and "I can do all things through Christ who straightens me" and its amazing the amount of energy just telling myself those things gave me. Kind of tied w/ 'mind over matter'.

Okay my friends so what I wanted to say is that after the race all I could do was make it to my sis grad dinner but couldn't make it to my friend's bday party because I just could not move. As disappointed as I as that I missed it, I'm sure they'll be other parties. I cant wait to be fully recovered.

Hope ya'll enjoyed the post. thanks for reading. Until next time! <3

QUESTION: What is the most challenging physical activity you have done to push your body to its limits.?

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  1. Super happy and proud of you!! I will agree that sisters are our biggest cheerleaders (plus your sister is amazing). You actually just motivated me to get to working out cuz the body isn't getting any younger.

    Keep kickin ass!

    Love ya,
    Dr. C.Lo


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