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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday Post (PART DEUX): Friends Dinner

SIDE NOTE: So another day off work due to Sandy. Although I cant lie Im happy about this time off; It doesnt take away the fact that so many people have been so tragically affected by this storm. I pray for those people's lives to get back to normal as soon as possible and that they are able to rebuild their lives soo enough. I feel blessed that nothing bad happened to me or anyone in my family. However, I know many have not been so lucky.  I'll share what Ive been doing with myself in the last several days due to the storm on my next post. Wanted to finish up my birthday posts first :).

PS: Didnt I say the new computer would inspire more blogging?
So every year I have a group of friends that takes it upon themselves to take me out to eat. They know how much I love Mexican food and so, we ended up at one of my favorite restaurants:

Dos Caminos.

The food there is absolutely amazing. Specially the Guacamole. So last friday after work I joined some of my friends there. Here are some pics of the night:

Yummy Guac + Chips:

Salsa and chips:

Random Fact: I have something for Tamales and considering my pool of Mexican friends is very small (like slim to none); Im rarely able to have any. So I went for the salmon over tamal dish which was pretty amazing to say the least:

I rarely ever drink anything other than wine but I tried a "skinny" margarita which was pretty good and STRONG:
For dessert; my friend and I shared a Pistachio Crepe. No words, well yeah--- Delicious.

***Made a wish :)*** (Same wish I made the night before @ my parents!)

Sisterly Love:

One of my closes friends; Guildia and I:

My other very good friend, Dalila:

Another very close friend of mine and friend of my whole family-- Richie!

Group Photos:

Another great birthday for the book of memories. Hoping this year goes just as great as every other year!
I started a tradition this year that before the week of my birthday is up I have to make a list of goals I will work on accomplishing in the coming year. Maybe I'll share the list eventually (maybe not lol)  but I felt this would be a great way to keep my life moving forward at a positive pace.  So, I have until tomorrow to finish the list and some goals to accomplish with a deadline of 10/25/2013 so; lets get this show on the road! ;)
Tell me,
Do you Like Mexican Food?
What do you think of "birthday goals"?

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