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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Birthday Post! (PART I)

Hey Everyone! So my birthday was this past October 25th and I'd like to share how it went. I'll split it in to two posts because is a lot.

So my Birthday was amazing. Despite feeling a bit (or, a lot) down the night before for about 5 seconds; after having a conversation with a good friend I started to feel great again. I woke up with an incredible amount of energy and feeling so blessed. During the course of the day I was able to pass by whole foods and picked up one of my favorite foods: Sushi-- salmon and avocado on a multigrain roll. Ive never tried the multigrain rice on sushi before (I’ve had the brown and white rice). I have to say the multigrain is amazing. Taste a lot like the white and I think I found a new favorite sushi combination!

Ok so also on this day I decided to do something "different" and out of the ordinary--- Despite my better judgment and instead of getting my hair done I went to a spa with my friend where I had a facial for the first time. Well lets just say I got a really expensive facial and left that place beet red. It could have been worse! They were trying to sell me multiple services at once and thank god the cheap side of me finally came out and stopped further harm from happening (Im usually good about not spending a lot but sometimes I forget and when I eventually wake up I want to lock myself up for a few months to stop any further spending).
The whole time during the facial this women is asking me about my eating habits and water drinking habits. I am thinking to myself the whole time how much I dislike people who think they know it all and want to “change your ways”. She asked me nonchalantly “what do I eat on a daily basis?” when I told her I generally eat healthy she then asked "what do I consider healthy?".  Well, I think she finally got the point when I threw in the phrases “sprouted whole wheat bread” and “greek yogurt”. I think she was under the impression I would say I stuff my face with hot cheetos and milk chocolate 24/7. One thing though, I did look up the proper way to do a facial and I think she did everything as she was supposed to. That was a relieve because I was starting to freak out (because of how red my face was). She was also really nice and attentive but facials are super expensive and unless I win the lotto in the next couple of days I'll "invest" on those every 6 months or so-- maybe. My friend agreed.
So I left that place with a facial which I’ll probably never do again and a few products which I pray to God are good (Dermalogica. Anyone heard of this? Google reviews seem to categorize it as a top of the line face care product. Hope thats a fact.).

Here is a photo of me pre-facial (lol):

Okay so past the traumatizing spa experience I proceeded to go have dinner with family which was the cool part of the evening. My mom took the time to prep a yummy meal which I loved! Check out the birthday feast (I love family):

My cousin's daughter and my arm lol (she is gorgeous):

I got an amazing (and much needed) bday gift from my parents <3:
Wish my family would have captured my  shocked face and my exciment to finally getting a working computer!!! Lets just say that for almost a year I havent had a working computer at my apartment. I have been “renting” computers from my school, borrowing my sisters/dads (I ended up messing up my dads and getting screamed at whenever I stole borrowed my sister's wothout letting her know), or simply getting frustrated at my outdated 2006 dell which kept crashing on me. So I am happy I finally have an up to date computer. Hopefully I know this will inspire more consistent blog posts. :)
For my birthday I also got this unexpected gorgeous flowers:

I love red and pink roses. So beautiful and my apartment was missing some flowers. Funny thing is that a couple of weeks ago I got a pink Rose at a friend's party:

I was thinking the pink rose would "call" in more flowers to my apartment and that's exactly what happened. 

So anyways, at the end of the day I was super exhausted! Had to drive myself home from my parents house. I apologize there are not many (or any) pics of me on my bday. Unfortunately, I was looking too crazy for photos.Once things clear up I will have to go do a photo shoot somewhere to remember how I really look! lol.

All in all it was an amazing day. So grateful for the things in my life but more than anything for the people that make it amazing including my family.

....I woke up the morning of my 29th birthday in good health, with a healthy family, in my own apartment (that I always wanted), with a job in Wall Street (that I always wanted), surrounded by people that love me, in my ideal/happy weight, feeling fit and healthy. I honestly couldnt ask for anything more. I feel like Ive matured in so many levels and I have advanced in life and continue to advance. I have so much more to look forward to but I am incredibly grateful for my PRESENT. Cheers to many more birthdays!
Have u ever had a facial? How was your experience?
Do you prefer bday dinners at home or at restaurants?

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