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Friday, November 9, 2012

Amazing Little details, what happened thurs and TGIF!

Good day sunshines!! So, Wednesday night I had an amazing time at a wine and cheese bar that Ive never been to before. What a cool experience! Loved it! Sorry for the lack of photos. When I got to my place and checked my mail I had a nice surprise from one of my best friends who is actually getting married this weekend:

She knows I love wine and the picture inside the birthday card is actually a pic we took at her bachelorette party in Vegas this past August. The pic was voted "best picture of the trip" by the fellow bachelorettes lol whatever that means! My friend is so amazing. I love little details like that. The card without a doubt put a huge smile on my face. Her wedding is taking place in Texas this weekend. Is so sad that I cant go :/ but wish her so much happiness and love and an amazing life with her amazing husband (such a cool guy! We all approved right off the bat :) CONGRATS XIMENA!

Yesterday was a long day as I had work AND class!!! I have about 2.5 hours to kill from the time I get out of work until I have class so, sometimes I decide to walk the 3 miles from my job to the school for exercise. I loved it during the nice summer days and I still do. HOWEVER, it is getting chilly out there!! Nonetheless, I decided to suck it up and do the walk anyways. Around mile 2 I started getting fairly warm (despite the freezing temperatures). May have something to do with the fact that I was walking like a maniac trying to get to my destination to get away from the cold. Mission accomplished!!! 3 mile walk completed.

(LOVE the Nike App by the way!)

Another motivation for the walk: the fact that the snack attack monster showed up around 4pm and I had a little bit too many snacks including trail mix and too many handfuls of the granola I have stashed under my desk at work. Ugh! Hate those random afternoon anxiety attacks. I think I just wanted to get the day over with.

I deviated from my usual turkey and cheese sandwich yesterday and had brown rice, chicken and avocado instead:

It was sooo good (also brought from home) but I wonder if deviating from my routine sometimes leaves me hungry or not fully satisfied in a "psychological" way. Do you know what I mean?

Anyways, all in all it was a very good and productive day I am very happy about certain things and about life general :). Hope everyone has a productive day!

Happy Friday! I leave you with this little note:(REPOST FROM a facebook status):


Any plans for the weekend?


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