Ma Bella Vita: Elf 4 Health Holiday Challenge (...and need winter boots!)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elf 4 Health Holiday Challenge (...and need winter boots!)

Hey Everyone!
Super cold in NYC today with chance of snow and I don’t have snow boots. I missed my chance yesterday for cyber shopping because of my busy Monday scheduled with school and work and today seems to see no different. I meant to do some snow boots shopping or browsing during my lunch today but projects at work didn’t allow that so, here I am.
Anyways, took a quick break to advise I am participating in the Elf4Health Holiday challenge hosted by: The Lean Green Bean Blog. Have to give a shout out to Clare Fittingitallin as that is how I found out about the challenge since she mentioned it in one of her posts.

This is my first time doing anything like this and I am super excited. The challenge pretty much offers a “support system” to get through the holiday overeating and under-working out danger! So far so good. Challenge began yesterday.  My “elf” for the next two weeks is a girl from Georgia who seems to be pretty cool. We seem to have similar interest and similar backgrounds as far as weight, health and fitness is concerned. So cool to meet new people from around the country and offer each other support through the holidays.
Today’s challenge is to send a friend a hand written note. I should be able to do it by tonight. I have a couple of friends in mind. We’ll see who gets the surprise card from me.
Oh! I wanted to add—I read a great article on what to wear during winter/snow runs at:

I have been trying to figure out how the heck I’d be able to run in freezing temperatures and article definitely motivated me to go shopping for some winter gear. Marshalls/TJMaxx here I come (as if I ever needed any excuse to go there! Ha!)
Stay warm everyone!
Question: Any winter boots recommendations? Brands? Styles? Websites? Stores? Looking for some ideas!


  1. I am stuck in the boot thing, too. My problem is that I want practical boots and all I can find are fashion ones that don't do so good in the snowy weather we get here and I don't want to buy ski boots! LOL

    1. I am trying to find a happy medium between stylish and "good winter gear" I wonder if that even exist! LOL..Ski boots may be an option if all else fails.. haha


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