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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Feeling more Grateful + Barrack your Vote

I don’t really like discussing politics or religions on the blog (I fully respect everyone’s believes) but I really hope everyone that can do so today exercises their right to vote. I was so proud of my little sister this morning as I scrolled through my Instagram photos and saw that she woke up bright and early to cast her vote:
 I wish people could vote anywhere. Why cant we again? I may have an issue today as my designated voting place closes at 9pm and I have school tonight after work. Ugh! We’ll see what I can do. Thankfully, I don’t live in a swing state. Apparently the people that live in New Jersey have permission to vote anywhere today because things are yet not fully functional post Sandy. I need to find out if that applies to everyone.
I definitely voted back in ’08 and remember the sense of hope and excitement I felt after the elections. Lets stay positive and hope that this next 4 years bring American back to where it once was or surpasses it!
Random Thought of the day: I wish Clinton could run again. Wasn’t he the best president ever? (minus scandal).
In other news, another day inside the fridge today. The office is still cold but I feel a million times better than yesterday because:
1.    They are allowing us to dress down for the week and so I am currently wearing a million layers:

2.    We get free coffee and hot cocoa + Dunkin Donuts until things get better. Although I caught someone making sarcastic remarks about the free coffee (you can never make everyone happy) I felt that was really nice of the office president to offer this in the meantime. I brought in my breakfast this morning (overnight oats again. So good!) Nonetheless, I grabbed a donut and gave it to my co worker whom loves to eat and also loves free stuff. I told him it was a gift and placed it on his desk while he was away for lunch:

… Needless to say he was very happy.

When I got home yesterday you don’t know how grateful I was to have heat (as previously mentioned). I also decided to snap out of my rant considering that a lot of people in my office (and other places) have no heat at home nor at work and so they have to suffer through this insane weather. I seriously have no reason to complain. Another plus: Cell phone service is slowly coming back in my office (it was non-existent yesterday).
Lunch today consisted of my same old’ pre-made turkey and cheese sandwich on sprouted whole wheat bread (brought from home) and the healthiest chips I could find in my office’s vending machine:

First time trying this flavor! Soooo good!
…I think I’ve had the same lunch for the past 7 years with some sporadic deviations.

I also ran out of tea today. Celestial Seasoning, I love you but I need something with a bit of caffeine in my life:

I need to take a trip to Trader Joes to buy a few things. After today I should have more time to get the stuff I need, which also include a winter jacket among a few other items. (Winter Jacket not to be purchased at Trader Joes).
Happy Tuesday!

..A little voting humor for all my S.A.T.C fans:

Question: Are you Voting?


  1. Funny - I have that same tea and that is what I drink at night (along with decaf Constant Comment) to keep my caffeine down. The morning is all about the coffee, though!

    I voted on my lunch break today. It took 5 minutes.

  2. I agree! Caffeine in the morning is a must! Cant function without it. Wow! 5 minutes?! Lines around my neighboorhod were miles long! never seen so many people in my life!


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