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Saturday, November 3, 2012

HSF + Overdue Post Series #1

Overdue Post!
Hello all! Happy saturday. I have so many things planned for today and hope to get through them all. I woke up a little later than usual because I was tired but nonetheless, I am ready to tackle the day!
Had my cafe with almond milk this morning and an oatmeal breakfast (same as the one from thursday morning). Wanted to go for a run before breakfast but looks like it is freezing outside. I may consider signing up for a gym just for the winter months so that I can still get my running in. I do have other options such as using the gym at my school or finally using the Yoga/Fitness Groupon I purchased several weeks ago. We'll see.

Things are coming back to normal slowly but surely here in NYC. I hear that additional trains are supposed to start running somewhat normally today and there is electricity in selected parts of downtown Manhattan (better than none). The gas deal, however, is a whole 'nother story. Never seen anything like it! Lines miles long with people waiting to get gas. I feel like Im in another era. All we can hope for is that things get better soon.

I also hear that Bloomberg decided to cancel the NYC Marathon which was scheduled to take place this weekend. According to him, there are enough resources (in terms of police officers, etc) to go around, however, he wants to avoid the controversy that it may bring to have the race anyways as many people are still badly affected by the hurricane-- one of the main disaster areas being Staten Island which was meant to be the starting point of the race.

So, whats up with the blog title? well, due to my blog hiatus there have been some fun events I have been part off during the past several months which I have not been able to share on the blog because of my busy schedule. Hence, I decided to start a series of post (maybe a few) just to recap and update on what I've been up to and to "capture" those moments in a more meaningful way than just through pictures. So, here goes!

A couple of weeks ago I attended the HSF (Hispanic scholarship fund) Gala at the Gotham Hall around 34th street (nyc). It is such a gorgeous and fancy place. I was so excited to be there! How did I end up there? Well, I was I recipient of the scholarship for 4 years during my undergrad days so from time to time they call me to volunteer at these events. I absolutely love it. I get to meet so many influential people and have fancy dinners while I watch very inspirational stories about once underprivileged students that benefited from the scholarship and are extremelly successful today. Whenever I get called to volunteer at these events I get super excited and have no problem deviating from my schedule to help out. After all, I have gotten so much from HSF that giving back one way or another is the least I can do.

I wasnt able to take make photos because I was runniong around helping with different activities for the most part. However, I was able to capture a good enough amount. And here they are:

The Volunteering Girls and I (these girls were also recepient of the scholarship. My friend Yari--the one all the way to the right won over $100K in different scholarships during her undergrad days. She wants to write a book. Let me know if you can help her :)

I felt famous for about 1/2 a second:
The beautiful hall where the dinner took place:


Dinner was of course one of my favorite parts!
Dessert: It was some kind of bread pudding. I cant even describe how delicious this was (sorry for the darkness):
I apologized for the dark photos. The ‘ambiance’ of the dinner was pretty dark and I felt it would be kind of tacky for me to turn on my Iphone flash for these photos. If you have an Iphone, you know how bright and ‘attention calling’ the flash can be.
The keynote speaker was a Carmen Wong-Ulrich, a Personal Finance TV personality whom I admire very much. She is kind of what I aspire to be one day. She attended Columbia University and has written multiple books in personal finance and now has her own wealth management firm. Like myself, she is also Dominican. Such a great example to follow. Love her!

You know whats even more cool? she asked me to tweet this picture and I did and she responded to my tweet right away. So humble! Love successful people that are down to earth! Her tweeter account is  @CarmenSense.

My good friend Christina and Carmen:

At the end of the night I decided to have a photo shoot outside the Gotham Hall. Dont judge me :)

Happy Saturday!!

Tell me, Have you ever been to Gotham hall?
Have you ever met someone you admire in person? How was that experience?


Thank you for your comment :)