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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Week in Review

This past week was busy as usual with school and work. Downtown Manhattan is and the trains are pretty much back to normal now (for the most part). A few of my friends, however, are still working from home and trying to adjust to that lifestyle. However, all in all, like it always happens---we are dusting ourselves off and keeping it moving!.

One day this week I decided to skip my finance class and attend training for a non-profit organization I am SUPER excited about:

So in a nutshell-- this is an organization that teaches teenagers (high school age kids) about personal finance and everything that encompasses from learning about budgets all the way to stock market investing. A team goes out to different schools in the tri-state area and uses 45 minutes of these kids school days, about once a week, to teach some solid financial fundamentals. I always wanted to be part of such an amazing cause and I am excited for the opportunities. I hope there are some local assignments in the near future so I can go and engage with these children. I think financial literacy is HUGE and super important and is a shame these kind of things aren't part of a regular school curriculum. Thank god for organizations like Cents-Ability that actually take it upon themselves to reach out to these schools and get out there to help the cause. Training was pretty cool and I met very nice people.

For lunch yesterday I decided to spice it up a bit (yet again). I think I may be getting tired of my same old lunch. So anyways, I decided to treat myself to Cosi--- it is a restaurant by my job and the food is nothing less than delicious. I love it but dont go there too often because it is not your typical $5.00 lunch meal. I decided to go with the 1/2 cosi club (consisting of grilled turkey and a little bit of bacon) and a small pasta-chicken soup. Loved!

I dont know if it was "free friday" or something but the cashier gave me a complementary HUGE oatmeal-raisin cookie:

I tried to save it for a "rainy day" and not eat it on friday. Well, those plans went out the door as soon I got back in to my office. I initially said to myself I would just eat half but somehow about 10 mins later the whole cookie was in my tummy. Oh well! YOLO? I did enjoy every bite. I guess that counts.
On that same note--I have been super snacky for a few days this past week. I had a twix bar and some party mix on thursday and ate more than usual during my dinners or after work. Thankfully, I have been able to motivate myself to go for long walks and work out one way or another. I just dont like craving foods and then overdoing it. It may have something to do with my monthly "visitor" due to arrive in two weeks. But still!!!!
Speaking of "working out" what I have been doing for the most part this week is walking A LOT. I enjoy it because it is convenient and I still get in exercise in to my sometimes super busy days or weeks. I use the NIKE+ app and according to the cool bar charts on their website this is how my week looked like in miles completed:

Love this app.

So, returning to the topic of eating too much, Last night my mom also prepared a feast for my cousin that is in town. She leaves sunday and no spanish farewell is complete without a whole lot of food and laughfter. Here is just a snapshot of SOME of the meals my mom prepared:
Lets just say I had a few plates of these food. Not HUGE plates but I ate more than I usually do. I am definitely not perfect. We all struggle with over eating from time to time. The important thing is to recognize it and just keep moving forward and making a concious effort to be better everyday.

Finally, this week I also saw this little number:

I am not really a fan of action movies but it was good. Is funny, another friend of mine had invited me to go to the movies on tuesday but I couldnt because of school and my training. However, apparently I was meant to be at the movies one way or another this week because a couple days later someone else invited me. Good times.
A word on insecurity--- I am learning a lot about myself lately and one thing I noticed that although I try my best to portray a confident persona I do get insecure around certain people from time to time during certain interactions. i am not sure why that is. Maybe some of it may steem from younger years. I am glad I am recogizing it and I do want to work on this and do something about it. I may elaborate on this later on during the blog. For now just wanted to throw it out there. Sorry about this coming out of left field :)

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