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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obsession with almond milk and got my hair did'

So after eating eggs for what felt like an eternity during the past week or so (minus one day); I have a new found obsession for oatmeal made with almond milk. Not only does almond milk have far less calories than regular milk but it gives oatmeal a creamy and delicious texture. If you've had almond milk with your oatmeal before; I am sure you would agree. I also add toppings such as raisins, Cinnamon and almond butter:

Soo Good! One slight issue though; I started to feel a little sleepy so I didn't eat the whole thing. I don't feel stuffed or anything. Maybe is the warm and cozy feeling of it that makes me want to head back to bed? In an effort to bring back my energy I then quickly grabbed my cafe with guess what (almond milk) and woke right up! Yeyyy for caffeine in the morning.
So yesterday I wanted to get my workout on but it was too cold to run so I completed Phase3 of the Jillian workout which ALWAYS makes me sweat and feel like a badass:
I finished all three phases a while ago but from time to time I go back to phase 3 and everytime I do it I feel stronger as I can do more repetitions without getting tired. It is also great for days when I cant go outside or just don't feel like it. I want to buy more of her DVDs. Any suggestions?
Later on in the day I was finally able to go get my hair done after what felt like forever!! I cut the ends and had it straightened (you may or may not know that my hair is naturally super curly). So here is the end result:
After getting my hair done I went to hang out and had a great time :). Good times indeed! I ended up back home by 1 ish (which was really 2am) but thank god for daylight savings time! Did you remember to set your clock?

I turned on my candle just to relax a bit while I got ready for bed. I forgot how amazing this smells:

This is just a Febreze candle. I was surprised to realize how delicious it smells as it is not a "fancy" brand or anything. I think I found it at Walmart. Love it.
And at the end of the night while browsing through my phone while in bed I came across this message:
He is never late. Never early. Just perfect :)
Question: Long or short hair? Can you recommend a Jillian DVD? She has like 1,000!

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