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Monday, November 12, 2012

Strolling down Times Square + Monday Happenings

Is Monday again and unlike a vast majority of the US population I had to work. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with a cousin of mine that is visiting from Florida. We all went site seeing in to the city and that meant that my food prep and grocery shopping for the week would have to be postponed. As a result, I had to run out of my house this morning without breakfast or lunch which is pretty rare for me—specially the without breakfast part. On top of everything I was running late and arrived late. Don’t you just love the chaos Mondays bring sometimes?!
Considering I cannot function without breakfast in the morning I had to go to the food place downstairs from my office and buy the “healthiest” thing I could find (and I use the turn healthy very loosely). I ordered a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese on the side. I added the cream cheese myself because for some reason whenever I let other people do it they add ½ the container. I smeared the cream cheese very lightly and had my bagel with a cup of joe w/ soy milk (no sugar):
I ate about 3/4th of the bagel.
Thankfully I brought a tangerine from home and felt better to add something actually super clean to my breakfast:

I can’t lie. It was delicious and a major deviation from my usual breakfast choices. I think I jinxed myself because just a week ago I was thinking about how I really just wanted to have a bagel for once and give the almond butter or the overnight oats a break. Well, I got my wish in an unplanned kinda-way.

 Lunch also had to be purchased today. Sometime around 11am I got so strange craving from chicken soup and so I decided that’s what I wanted to have for lunch. I headed out to Hale and Hearty as soon as I got hungry (at around 2:15-ish) and had a yummy combo of chicken soup with ½ mozzarella and tomato basil on ezequiel bread. So good. For the chicken soup, I had an option between noodles or couscous. I went for the couscous just to try something different and actually liked it:

So, as I was saying, one of my cousins is visiting for the week. We are all excited to have her here. Funny thing is that she waited until this time as she was looking forward to the cold and seeing some snow. Well, the snow that showed up last week has disappeared and is actually going to be “nice weather” for most of this week. Funny how life works sometimes! Haha. Here are some pics from last night:

i have a VERY SIMILAR pic at the M&M store in Vegas from 2008. This is the Times Square branch.

During out scroll around the city someone in our group got a craving for ice cream and so we ended up at coldstone. My cousin and I decided to share something but after a few spoonfuls of this treat I was done. All I have to say is this tasted to good it almost felt sinful! Lol (The name was Devil-chocolate or something like that):

Sent the FBF a picture of this and then we were called
Why is Times Square always packed with like a million people? Doesn’t matter if its 5pm or 5am there’s always a million people there!! Anyways, happy Monday. I look forward to making this week as productive as possible. I want to get back in to my workout routine which kinda lagged last week. PS: I am on a 40 second plank now. Yeyy for progress! lol
Question of the Day: How was your weekend? Have you ever been to NYC?

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