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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unexpected Stacation + November Goals

FYI: Today is November 1st. Where is the time going?!?!
Before I get in to the post just want to share my yummy breakfast from this morning:

One of the reasons I love fall: Warm oatmeal with cinammon and raisins in the morning. :) + Cafe, of course.

So, as the world knows; this past tuesday a true disaster hurricane caused a whole lot of harm to great part of the east coast. My family and I were blessed with being in the group of people who did not loose electricity or any kind of phone or internet power. However, many werent so lucky. My heart goes out to the people in Staten Island and New Jersey whom appear to be the ones most greatly affected. In addition to people in Queens and other areas whose cars got smashed by trees, flooded, etc. Ive never lived through something this crazy!!!

I am still home waiting from notice from my job to see when we'll go back. I work near Wall Street and I hear things arent looking good down there for a lot of the buildings (minus the New York Stock Exchange which is back on it's feet as of yesterday). As per the latest notice from my job and my school (both in downtown Manhattan) neither has any power and both are working to get things back on the road. While things get back on track another day off for me and an unexpected "stacation".

So, in looking at the positive side of things I've decided to take this time to cross things off my to do list. I moved in to my apartment 9 months ago and there is a million things I havent done because of being caught up in the ongoing routine of school, work, friends, traveling, life. Well, Ive finally gotten the chance to do a few things around the apartment starting with cleaning out a very messy closet and organizing books ( took me nearly 5+ hours to finish this and I am not exagerating!)




I am considering never buying another actual book again in my life.

Thankfully, I have a kindle fire so from now on I'll be using that a lot more often through the years. And that box all the way in the back of my closet? old magazine subscriptions! (some dating back to 1995!). I obviously have an obsession with magazines (I blame my mother). I feel guilty throwing them out but I also dont know for sure what I want to do with them. We shall see. At the present moment I subscribe to Shape, Fitness, Glamour, Oprah and Self.

(I may cut out Glamour and Oprah. Both are great but I need to do some downsizing around here).

...Oh yeah, and I have to drag all this to the basement of my building:

Mission 1 accomplished.

I went for a jog yesterday morning around my apartment complex:

...and came accross this little number:

Yes. It was that serious.
November Goals:
1. Continue increasing my running stamina (run/jog 2-3 times per week). I am now at around 9.25-9.50 a mile. Would like to see if I can do a mile in 9 minutes by the end of the month (or year?)

2. Do a one minute plank (embarrased to say I am at like 30 seconds now lol)

3. Finish investing tutorial #1 (bought a Groupon for an investing course and I have yet to touch it!)

4. Ace my first Finance Quiz

5. Blog 3-4 times per week at least

6. Continue my healthy eating at least 80% of the time (thanksgiving alert)

7. Touch base and hang out with a few friends I havent seen in a while.

8. Finally make my apartment look more "homey" (for lack of a better word). At least pick out paint!

So anyways, I continue to keep busy until further notice! I have to do some more blogging work today and I am also taking a tutorial on investing plust still studying for an exam I was supposed to have this past tuesday but didnt happen (thank god for that!). Im considering even painting my apartment if time permits and/or just buy some stuff I have been putting off for monts!!!!

As great as this time off is; I am grateful to have a job and the fact that I will go back to work eventually. Times like these make us realize how much we really appreciate the routine and the ability to wake up in the morning with a job waiting for us. Sometimes we take that for granted. For now I will enjoy the present moment and the free time, for which I am also thankful.

Stay safe.

Question: Did Sandy affect you?

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