Ma Bella Vita: Wall Street Anniversary and First Snow Storm of Fall 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wall Street Anniversary and First Snow Storm of Fall 2012

So, today marks my first year anniversary working in the Wall Street area. I have learned a lot this past year and, as I have probably mentioned several times through the blog, I feel very blessed that I ended up in the city for work after years of working outside of the city. I am not sure if I have shared this story in the past but ever since I graduated college my #1 dream work location was always Wall Street. Second best would have been anywhere in midtown or in the city period. However, experience has taught me that all comes in God’s timing. After college, I spent a year working in upstate New York and then I was able to transfer back to downstate but not exactly at my desired location. I spent 5 years working up in Long Island which meant I had to drive to work every single day. I honestly eventually got used to driving and enjoyed my commute each morning; however, my dream of working in the actual city never left my mind.
A series of events from September 2011 through November 2011 allowed me to finally get a job offer at my dream location and here I am, one year later. One year wiser, more experienced and honestly feeling much more complete and fulfilled with life. I am thankful and I do not take anything for granted.
I have learned so many things one of them being that a job is a job and we should never get stressed out or sweat the small stuff. As my finance professor said one day: “never stress over a job. Look at any lapse in work as an opportunity to grow and explore what else is out there. It is always an opportunity. It is all in your perspective”. I couldn’t agree more. Saying good bye to the office/company where I spent 6 years of my life opened the door for my deepest desires to enter my life I have found that methodology applies to a lot of things in life…:)
In other news, it is snowing today for the first time since we changed the time back to daylight savings. I walked outside to explore what they have the TJMAXX that is closed to my office for lunch and ended up being surprised by the rain and the cold temperatures. Once I came back in to the office it started snowing. Hard. I looked out the window and couldn’t believe it. I have plans after work and hope the snow slows down!

Speaking of TJMaxx what I do during my lunch hour apparently they stacked up on everything because they have everything I was looking for and more! And of course my favorite part of the store (the food aisle) was completely restocked w/ so many goodies.

I managed to walk out of there with just a box of green tea.

…I think I just didn’t want to show up back at work with multiple bags. That would be kinda weird, right? Going grocery shopping during lunch? At TJmaxx? (PS: That organic green tea was only $2.39!!)
So anyways, my office substituted the coffee and donuts today with minestrone soup which was served at 12ish. I have to be honest and say it was pretty good and I may or may not be looking up recipes online when I get home to make my own. I had the soup with my turkey and cheese sandwich and had quite the satisfying lunch.

Hope everyone is having a happy Hump Day and that you are staying warm. I leave you with this quote I found on Instagram:
Ain't this so true?!

 ...Oh! final note: I also found this online and thought it was beautiful. We have a "new" president, the sequel. Aside from his presidency; I always see pictures of Obama and Michelle and it looks like they have the most amazing relationship. :)

I love this.

Question: Every had minestrone soup? Do you like it? Don’t you love TJMaxx, Marshalls and home goods? My favorite stores in the world!

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