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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Adriana Lima is Hot and a Awesome Quote

So this post is a little late. Meant to post this morning but ran out of time. Lets start with the food part. Yesterday my lunch was simple yet amazing. I am running out of groceries so couldn’t bring food from home so I decided to go to one of my favorite lunch spots: Hale and Hearty. I went for a chicken avocado salad over mixed greens. Asked for EVOO and vinaigrette on the side (I rarely ever have any other kind of dressing). It was so good. I was a little scared I wouldn’t be fully satisfied but surprisingly I was! I also completed yesterdays Elf4Health challenge by having the salad so: done and done!

Later on during the day I snacked on an apple and a granola bar before my finance exam at 7:30.
I don’t want to go over the exam too much. I am glad is over. Let’s just say the professor told us one thing and the exam was the complete opposite. In other words, he claimed there wouldn’t be too many calculations (mostly conceptual) but guess what, most of the exam was calculations. I knew better so I did have all my formulas ready on the sheet he allows us to bring to the exams. The challenging part was figuring out which formula to use for what and my head was spinning at one point. Most of the class needed an extra 30 minutes to finish—so you can imagine how we all fell!. The professor was nice enough to stay extra time but I think we were all wondering WTH throughout the test. When I walked out of the exam one of my classmates approached me and asked me whether I thought it was difficult. That made me feel a gazillion times better because I knew I wasn’t the only one that felt that way! So, we’ll see what happens. Praying for a major curve and 100% on my final—is not over till is over.
In other news...Today’s Elf4Health challenge is sharing one of your favorite snacks. Here is one of mine:
I love the kashi dark chocolate coconut bar. I pair it up with tea and its so good and satisfying—specially in mid-afternoon when most of us needs a recharge.

Sometimes during the day I also snack on apples which I bring from home. I add lemon so that they don’t turn brown and munching on them during the day helps me control cravings.

So, if you are a girl you are probably well aware that last night was the Victoria Secret fashion show. I got home about 30 minutes in to it so I couldn’t see much besides a little bit of Rhianna’s performance. I was specially intrigued by Adriana Lima’s body after having a baby. She is my favorite VS Angel and I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Her body looks like a normal human being with curves and it was a breath of fresh air to see someone looking normal and not skeletical in that runway. Go Adriana!

I stole this pic from a Self or Shape magazine facebook post :) Hence the caption.

Finally, I want to share a quote I saw today on facebook by Clare @ Fitting it All in which I loved and just had to share with you guys:

I love Brian Tracy and I actually have one of his books. He is so inspirational with his words! Quite the motivator!

This is all for now. Have a good evening everyone!
Tell me, Did you see the Victoria Secret fashion show last night? What are your thoughts?

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