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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Barnes and Noble, Homemade Banana-almond Smoothie Recipe

I cannot write my regular post without first acknowledging and addressing the tragedy that happened in CT yesterday. I cannot even imagine the amount of sadness and sorrow the parents of those poor angels are going through. How can someone be that cruel and out of their minds (to say the least because there are no words) to shoot little innocent children and their teachers?! I think the worse part of this whole thing after loosing so many innocent lives is the fact that this monster was able to kill himself and not suffer the consequences of his actions. There is a God up in heaven who always has the last word and I hope that this person is paying one way or another. Also, that gun control laws are revised and changed drastically. It sucks that it had to take such a insane tragedy for drastic changes to be made. Rest in Peace to those little angels.

Hey everyone!

Just making a quick pit stop to share that I've spent the entire day at my local Barnes and Noble and its made for quite a productive day. I was reminded of the following FACT:

I am far more productive and more focused at a local Barnes and Noble, Starbucks or even local library in comparison to staying in my apartment.

I LOVE being at my place. However, I also need to understand that there is a place and a time for everything. The main issue with staying indoors when I REALLY need to focus: too many distractions (food, television, phone) and no one around me to "keep me accountable". Although the people at Barnes and Noble are perfect strangers; I feel that they somehow keep me 'accountable' as all I really feel like doing is focusing on the stuff in front of me rather than wondering around and loosing focus. So, thank goodness for places that allow me to sip on overpriced coffee yet offer me a desk and chair where I can practically sit the whole day, if I wish.

I just got back in to my apartment pretty much starving to say the least (all I ate was my breakfast from this morning, coffee and a snack I took with me). I couldnt really make a big meal because Im actually going to go eat at my parents house. So, the simplest thing to make to hold me over until then, a delicious and satisfying- VERY SIMPLE almond milk-banana smoothie:

1 ripe banana, frozen if available
1 cup almond milk
Drops of Vanilla Stevia, to taste (I use NuNaturals brand)
1/3 cup quick oats
Cinnamon to taste

**Blend all ingredients until smooth, ENJOY!

How's your Saturday going so far? Any smoothie recipes you'd like to share?


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