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Monday, December 10, 2012

Central Park run and a Great Weekend!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to share a recap on my weekend!

So I have to admit this weekend turned out to be a great one. Saturday morning I woke up early enough and motivated to go for a run around my neighboorhood. The weather was perfect for running!! A little foggy but around 50+ degrees. I dont know what is going on or why is so hot in December but I'll take it for now.

On saturday night I went to sleep over at my mom's house. I actually just went to visit her because she was feeling sick but I ended up sleeping over for the night. In the morning my sister woke me up and asked whether I wanted to go for a run with her and her friends at central park. I somehow got super excited and managed to wake up super early on a sunday morning!

So, let me just share that whenever I go to my moms house I often encounter a whole lot of junk food that I dont have at my apartment. So, lets just say I "indulged" a little bit too much saturday night. I was also super stressed about a presentation I had today (which went amazing bythe way!!!) and so I snacked more than normal. Going for a run on sunday morning was PERFECT!!! Also, despite being a New Yorker Ive never ran in Central Park before so this was a first and I loved every minute of it!!! Here are some pics of my sister and I:

The Scenery was amazing! it was also kind of a rainy morning so it was just perfect:

We ran a little bit over 4 miles:

While at my moms house I also got to see her xmass tree. Loved it! I have yet to put up mine. Waiting on my boyfriend whom I havent been able to see because of exams and school stuff going on. I am hoping to put up my tree soon.

When I got home sunday night I proceeded to prepare for my presentation (that took place today) and did some meal preping for the week involving chicken:

I leave you with a nice message I found today and which I believe to be very true:
Tell me, how was your weekend? :)

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