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Friday, December 7, 2012

Fortunate Fridays

Hey everyone! So I got to thinking today and I want to start a new section on the blog called "Fortunate Fridays". I am a strong believer that we should all be thankful for everything that we have and we should feel fortunate. Although it may be hard sometimes I want focus on the positive and on the good things I have (which are many) and not so much on the things are that are on the way (I know that anything I feel I may be "lacking" will come in due time and hence, I want to work on letting go and just letting things come when they are supposed to). I think we can all agree that is healthy and amazing to focus on what we do have and not what we dont. I feel that fridays would be a perfect day to share what I felt fortunate for during the week.

So, here are the  Five things I feel fortunate for today:

1. The fact that I work indoors in a heated building where I can sit down and comfortably do my work. I don't know how street vendors and other people that stand outside do their work happily in these freezing temperatures! Thanking The Lord for the heat today!! (This was actually my post on facebook and instagram today).

2. Being able to walk normally and that my legs are strong and capable of walking, jogging and running  at any time. (Today I witnessed a lady whom had trouble walking and it made me feel grateful for my legs. I was thinking that regardless of her disability she must also feel grateful because she is able to move around independently and with nobody's help!)

3. The extra money I have sometimes for guilty pleasures that put a smile on my face. Today during my lunch I walked to the Barnes and Noble and wholefoods thats a mile away from my job and walked out with this:

I read somewhere that if something makes you feel happy you dont need a "why". The simple feeling is enough.

4. The ability to bite in to an apple with ease and being able to enjoy it! I know this is random but I am sure not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy this simple pleasure for various reasons. I ate a delicios apple today and I was grateful!

5. My past experiences; specially with the opposite sex. I've learned so much and finally realized my worth and stopped putting myself in situation that were not good for me. I am thankful because those experiences made me the person I am today--- Someone open to real love and happily in love :)

Tonight I made myself a quick dinner since I was starving! I call it egg stir fry on a whole wheat trader joes tortilla. Added some organic ketchup.

What do you feel fortunate for today?


  1. Great post. I feel fortunate for my extra spending money too (and I buy the same brand of tea, but for sleep!!). I also feel fortunate that I have money leftover from our wedding to buy a few Christmas gifts this year :) Who knew THAT would happen?! And for my family's (and my) health. I am fortunate for so many things, thanks for the reminder to never forget that!

    1. Thanks Gina! I think is an amazing feeling to just feel grateful for the things in our lives. Sometimes we let the "not so good" overide the good and we should make a concious effort not to let that happen :)


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