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Friday, December 21, 2012


Hello Again my friends. As promised, every Friday, this is what I am fortunate for this week:
1.  The world didn't end and we're still here alive and well looking forward to all the wonderful things 2013 has in store.

2.  The semester is over and I finally have free time to figure out my life.

3. A job/job title that allows me to [fairly] easily use my vacation time and where I am not forced to work on special holidays. My request for taking next week off was approved and I couldn't be more excited! (I know a lot of people that have no choice when it comes to working on Christmas eve/day, New Years Eve and day, thanksgiving, etc because their jobs require it. Especially those people that work at retail stores and places that don't want to close specially during the holiday season. I have a lot of respect for those people. I don't know how they do it!)

4. Real friends. There was a time in my life when I would put more focus on the people I was dating or people I was interested in rather than my own friends. I am finally learning to put focus on the people whom are there for me during the ups and downs and are there regardless of whether or not I have a boyfriend. True friends are fixed valuable assets (this is finance Mabel talking) and we should treat it as such! It is an amazing feeling to know that you can call up these people at anytime to go have brunch, lunch, dinner or just to talk and hang out. I am attending get-togethers for two very good friends of mine this weekend. One is tonight and another tomorrow night. Excited. What is life without good friends?

5. My body-- This amazing machine that does so much for me on a daily basis and is able to withstand so much! I love the way I was able to run an entire 6.4 miles this past Sunday and my body has shown me once again how strong it is-- everything works in unison to achieve greatness.

6. Bonus Fortunate-- My hair. After so many years of trying to hide its natural beauty because of cultural standards (my culture strongly favors straight hair) I finally decided to work with my hair rather than hide it in pony tails or salon blown outs. Going against my natural hair is #1 damaging and #2 expensive. I have worn it down (and curly) almost every day this week since Tuesday and I couldn't be happier. More on that on a future post!  <-- learning to love myself.

Below is a picture of me at work today…Happy Friday!

What are feeling fortunate for this week? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. I love how positive you are! All of these things are wonderful - but I particularly love (1) your natural hair and (2) how running makes you love your body. I was just thinking about how much running has helped my self-esteem this morning!

    1. Thank you Erica! Running is def a big deal and it just makes us realized how much our bodies are capable of. Thanks for passing by :)


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