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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fortunate Fridays!

Hey everyone. I almost forgot to post this. Emphasis on almost ;)

Welcome to another edition of Fortunate Fridays. This week I feel fortunate for...

1. My apartment. God knows how much I waited to have a home I could call my own and this upcoming January is going to be my one year anniversary at my place. Yesterday I walked in after almost freezing to death outside (weather is out of control cold) and I felt so blessed to have a WARM and cozy place to come to. I turned on my heat, my candles, made some dinner and all was good with the world again :)

2. Finally slowly but surely understanding that getting older makes you understand so much about life and realize so many things you quite didn't understand before. This may sound out of left field right now but I will elaborate more on this on a future post.One major thing being: You cannot make everyone happy. People will have something to say regardless so always do what makes you happy! As long as you're not hurting anyone, why not? Dr. Seuss said it best:

3. Motivating others to lead a healthy lifestyle. Someone I know asked me for advice on what foods to eat and where to shop of affordable healthy food. I am so excited to help her and it makes me feel good that others ask for my advise on things like this. 

4. Leaning how to be honest. 'kay, this is a little personal but I was dating someone whom was obviously playing games. Acting like I was the end all be all for him and then disappearing  without explanation or just acting strange. I gave one too many chances and he blew them ALL. I finally had to be clear and let that go. I want love. Someone that is serious and  committed. Someone that genuinely shows me they care. Anything less than that wont cut it for me and as hard as it may be to admit it. I am finally learning to be honest with myself and others. :)

5. My mom. I call that women for everything! Any little advise from getting certain items while grocery shopping to just hearing her voice because I may need comforting from time to time. So happy to have her in my life. 

WHAT ARE YOU FEELING FORTUNATE FOR??!! Just realized this is the last Friday of 2012! Hope ya'll are making it a great one :)

Thanks for reading!

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