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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My last run of the year? Plus- is Snowing!

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you're all having a great day so far! Where is the day going?! Anyways, I meant to wake up a little earlier this morning but somehow when I finally dragged myself out of bed it was around 10 am! ugh! Anyways, I had planned for a run this morning so I immediately got ready, put on my running gear and off I went for a morning jog. One thing I have learned about running in the cold: As long as there is no much wind I am good to go and today was one of those mornings! About half way through my run it began to snow *yeyyy* and this was my very FIRST time running in the snow! So much fun! You can tell I am fairly new to running. I loved every second of my "snow-run". Here are some photos (taken post run):

The final mile run down:

Thankfully I finished before it got too crazy (because it got pretty intense) and then I came back to my apartment and did a short abs and arms workout. Once I was finally done I made myself what I was craving--- Spinach omelet! Filled with moderate amount of cheese, turkey, peppers and onions. I used 2 eggs whites and 1 whole eggs. The omelet was too big so I ate half and saved the rest for later. I accompanied the omelet with 2 slices of sprouted whole wheat bread and a cup of Joe w/ Almond Milk (no sugar):

The omelet up close: 

It was good!

So now I need to get my Saturday started and finish up some cleaning and maybe some shopping. Hope you're all having a good day!

PS: I am thinking of starting a side-blog with only my recipes and will announce it soon. I will post the spinach omelet recipe on there. :)

Question: Do you enjoy running in the snow? Or, do you avoid the outdoors at all cost during the winter months?


  1. hey! Just found your blog :D
    Way to go on running outside! I'm terrible for being completely unable to run in the rain, or WIND. I agree, wind is just awful!

    1. Hi! :) Glad you found the blog! Wind def sucks! But lite rain is not too bad. I used to hate running outside all together but this year I found a love for it and it feels great :)

    2. I've just done some browsing around on your blog - CONGRATS on your first 10k recently. And, I just realized you live in NYC - my favourite city in the world. I was there in early December. gossssssssssh, take me back!!

      Love your blog, following you love!

    3. Thank you for following :) I just followed you as well!


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