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Thursday, December 20, 2012


So this past Sunday I had the privilege of joining my sister and her wonderful friends with the purpose of running a race. But not just any race…my first 10K ever!! I still remember the first time I ever ran a race in my entire life. It was a 5K and I think it was back during the spring of 2010 when one of my best friends and I went to visit her sister in Charlotte North Carolina. While most people you visit across the country surprise you with a night out in the town at a club or some big party she actually surprised us with the fact that she signed us up for a 5K! and not only that, we actually did some dirk-bike racing and that turned out to be one of the best get away of my life.
But....back to the purpose of this post. The 10k was at Roosevelt island (a tiny little piece of land between Queens and NYC) and it was called…brace yourselves!...the Hot Chocolate Run! When my sis first sent me the email about a couple of months ago I think I just read the title and signed up immediately. During the signing up process they asked whether I’d like to run the 5K or the 10K. I actually hesitated for a while and even texted my sister to see what she thought. I have to admit---I was doubting myself on whether I could actually run ~6.4 miles. I know this might seem like nothing to a lot of people that constantly run or that have completed multiple ½ marathons or marathons and beyond. However, for me this was quite a big deal. Ive learned to absolutely love running this year but I am used to 3-4 milers. Nothing more than that. Well, until this past Sunday, that is! This past Sunday was actually a few firsts:

1. First time on the Roosevelt Island Tram
2. First time on Roosevelt Island 
3. First 10K ever

Here are some fun photos of the event--

The Tram Experience:

On the Island. Pre and Post race:

The cool mug and enjoying the delicious Hot Chocolate at the Finish Line:


The verdict?! I loved it! And even better; I ran the entire time! I was so proud of myself and of this huge personal fitness milestone. I also got a super cool mug which I will surely treasure along with great memories. I think it was so cool they actually emailed us the results the same night of the race!! How awesome.

What did I learn? What was I reminded of? That I pretty much can do anything and that is true what they say--- “mind over matter”. There was a couple of times I wanted to take a break and walk but the amazing podcasts I was listening to (TD Jakes-- "Stay on Track" part II) plus fun Christmas music helped me pulled through the finish line with a big smile on my face!
I do have to share that the next day my body was aching and I could barely get up from my bed. Lol. I somehow manage to get up and get ready for work but I think my body was in total shock for about 16 hours. Makes me appreciate all this body does for me and every piece of it: from my head to my toes. What an amazing machine the body is!
In other news---last night was my very last final of the semester. So happy to share that fall 2012 has finally come to an end!!! Now I have some decisions to make about my future and life in general but I am super excited nonetheless. I know that as long as I do what I need to do God will guide me on the right direction. I leave you with this super cool picture I found while browsing Facebook this morning. I love being optimistic about everything in life and this made me smile:

Tell me, Do you remember your first race? Is there anything you learned about yourself or life in general before, during and/or after the race?


  1. CONGRATS!!! Wow, this is so impressive, and something that I would love to do one day. For now I'm not really into competative running, but after my biathlon a couple years ago I realized just how fun races can be (and how addicting!).

    Enjoy your weekend, and happy holidays to you!

    1. Thank you Gina! I agree it can be addicting. When this year started I hated running and now I am pleased to say I have a WHOLE new perspective :)


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