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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yummy Dinner, Tuesday Confession and 12/12/12

Hello everyone! Happy 12/12/12 so I hear that this is the LAST time we'll ever see a repetitive date--ever. Let’s make this a good one! I feel lucky today maybe I should play the lottery. Or maybe I’ll get a call from a long lost relative offering me a few millions. *wink* *wink*.
Yesterday was one of those long work/school kinda days. I snacked more than usual but I was happy because I was listening to my body’s needs and I wasn’t just eating just to eat. It was an “intuitive eating” kinda-day if you know what I mean and If I could strive to always listen to my body in that way than I think Im on the right track. Before class I stopped by Starbucks and had a decaf with soy milk (added cinnamon & vanilla powder/no sugar) and a almond biscotti. The combination was nothing less than amazing. I snacked on it while going over stuff for my final next week.

Yesterday I also enjoyed a pear for the first time in YEARS and it was delicious. I forgot how good they are. Specially this kind:

Note to self: eat pears more often.

When I got home from school last night I put together this delicious dish:

Whole wheat pasta with chicken--Mixed it in with pepper/white onions/ curry powder which I stir fried with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Sounds like a mouthful but it was delicious. I also had ½ piece of TJs Naan bread which never fails to hit the spot.
The meal prep from this past Sunday has been a lifesaver! I’ve been able to come home and heat up my food quickly and sit down and enjoy it after a long day. I should seriously organize my time better so that I can continue this Sunday night food prep thing. After having eggs for dinner almost every night last week (because that was the quickest thing I could make) I said enough was enough.
In other news; I also did something kind of random yesterday. I am reading an amazing book which is helping me personally put a lot of things in to perspective about my life, my relationships and my future in general. One of the assignments for this week was to do something ‘daring’ and reach out to someone and tell them something you probably never would. The assignment emphasized we should not attach ourselves at all to the outcome. The main purpose is to get out of our comfort zone, and so I did. I contacted an acquaintance whom I used to feel attracted to year ago! And I told him. I also quickly explained the ‘confession’ is part of a book I am reading and that I hope he doesn’t think I am crazy. To my surprise he took it very well and was super cool about it. I also had to throw in there that I am taken now just in case (lol) but it felt amazing to just let things out (regardless of how terrified I was). Sometimes you have to put life in to perspective and realize that no one gets out alive!! So, why hold yourself back and not do random things from time to time? What do we have to loose?
So we’re in the final week of classes and next week is my last final. I am at a cross roads at this point in my life in terms of what I want to do education/career wise. I mean, I believe I have a 100% clear idea of what my passions in life are (and what my purpose is) and I feel extremely lucky and blessed for that clarity. HOWEVER, the situation comes in when trying to decide how I will “jump” in to my life purpose and figuring out the best way to go about it. They do say that to follow your dreams is not good to think too much but I also want to make sure I do things right. I know God will guide me through this process and I have faith. I will continue doing my part. I will share more about this throughout the blog. One thing I do want to say though is that I am very excited for my future.
Happy hump day & 12/12/12---I feel like doing something out of the ordinary. Any thoughts? Are planning on doing anything special on this special day?

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