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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feeling Blessed--A brief post

This post will be short and sweet. Just wanted to share this:

"...You know you've reached a good point in your life when you find yourself thanking God more often than asking him for things ". 

Dont ask me why I got this phrase in mind. I just wanted to share this with the world. Not to brag in any way! (I am probably the most humble and down to earth person you'd ever meet). But just to show that I believe in a higher power whom I know has been helping me achieve the goals I've put in place in my life. I am not saying things have been handed to me on a silver platter because they have not. As the saying goes: "God helps those who help themselves"<----And that, my friends, is pure fact. I speak from experience.
Whomever your higher power may be. The point is to: Believe. 

I still have lots of exciting life-goals on my radar that I want to accomplish but sometimes I wonder how can I possibly ask for anything more?! However, I am soon reminded that my higher power is generous and asking for abundance (while being grateful for the present) is nothing to be scared or resentful of. 

Happy Tuesday!

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