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Friday, February 22, 2013

Fortunate Friday + Week Recap, blended in 1 :)

Another Friday has arrived and no Friday would be complete without my summation of things that I felt fortunate for this week. And here you have it-à
1. The little things in life that bring us joy.  Needed a new mug for work and found the beauty pictured below at my local TJMaxx. The phrases literally put a smile on my face. My very first use of the mug was paired up with one of my favorite Luna bar flavors:

2. The people that find my blog and send me messages letting me know how much they like it. I know I’ve said this before but it means a lot to me. One of the individuals that reached out to me this week was a representative of an organization called “Happify”. The concept behind their idea is amazing and I cant wait to take part in their activities. I will share more about this soon!!
3. Random acts of kindness!--Was running late for work one day this week and the bus driver actually waited for me to get to the stop. He could have very well taken off but he waited and that was a really nice gesture!

4. Recycling my books from undergrad! This may not be what you think so let me explain. One of my professors this semester is using an old version of a business book that looked very familiar to me (at least the title did). He said the core concepts in education do not change much from year to year so he didn’t want us expending crazy money on a new version of the book. Nonetheless, cheap or not, the book still had to be purchased and that’s something I did not feel like doing.
Well, while browsing through my old business books from undergrad guess what I found---the book required for this semester! Crazy huh?! I have to admit that at first I was mad and thought to myself that I would be wasting money on a course I’ve already taken. But then I had to remind myself that there were MANY chapters that were not covered back when I was in undergrad and realized that those chapters are the ones I’ll be covering this semester. Isn’t that great?! Must have saved around $80+ just on that alone, plus I get to cover stuff I didn’t cover before!

5. My team member for one of my classes this semester—he’s super smart and thank god seems to know what he’s doing! Looks like we’ll both do great in this course and we complement each other quite well regarding knowledge.  (sorry if theres a lot of school stuff on here but my life has been bombarded by work and school lol).

6. Bonus Fortunate—Getting to know my sister’s cool friends and spending quality time with them! This past weekend my sister did an actual celebration for her bday (actual= clubbing). I got to meet more of her friends and realized I need to hang out with them more often. Such an amazing group of upbeat and positive people. Loved every second of the party! Below are some pics:


So, hopefully this post somewhat makes up for being  M.I.A this week. I’ve tried to blend in a wrap up of my week and what I feel fortunate for—hope I did a good job with that :). Thank God Is Friday!

What do you feel fortunate for this week? What was the best part of your week?

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  1. Hi girl! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet! Love your blog and happy to follow along in your adventures in this city that never sleeps! :)

    Have a great weekend!


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