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Friday, February 1, 2013

Fortunate Fridays + Tomorrow's Post

Hey guys! yes I am alive. I apologize for my hiatus this past week. School has started again believe it or not so I have spent the last week of my life trying to sort out my schedule and would spent literally the ENTIRE day away from home! But I am happy to say my schedule has been set and I am excited about the semester. I am actually taking 2 courses I am super excited about. Will share more on that as the semester develops.

By the way--- I promise the blog is more than just fortunate Friday posts! I will be posting more often as soon as I am finally settled in to my new routine. I feel that my friday posts have become a tradition already so, if I can help it I wont let them slide by :)

Soooo here goes...This week I felt fortunate for (these are super RANDOM so, get ready :)

1. Being at the right place at the right place at the right time-- Went to church this past Sunday and went to say hello to a friend of my moms who is from Ecuador. Well, as we walked out of the church she asked whether I eat chocolate (ummm hello?! I belong in C.A- Chocolate Anonymous) . Well, she handed me a small bag of traditional Ecuadorian chocolates and candy. I would say this is not necessarily an 'amazing' thing for my healthy lifestyle. But, everything in moderation, right?! :) I was able to stretch out the candy for longer than 5 minutes so I'll call that an accomplishment. lol

2. Meeting new people-- Met someone this week. We have a ton of things in common but I still dont know what to think. I'll share more as I feel more comfortable. This shall be interesting. :)

3. The blessing of being able to attend graduate school and finally take courses I am passionate about! :)

4. The ability to get back on track and identifying what my food triggers are which helps me find ways to control myself.--- I have to be honest. This week with all the stress and anxiety of getting my schedule together I ate A LOT. And I dont mean a lot of healthy food. I mean a lot of junk for at least 2-3 nights out of this past week (I would come home super late and just eat). The important thing is that I am FULLY aware of it and of what my triggers are (stress, exhaustion, anxiety). I think that when you understand yourself and the reasons why you do certain things you can find ways to fix it or work around it next time you're faced with a similar situation.

5. Most Importantly: Being alive and well-- This morning I received some terrible news about someone I know who passed away (She was in her mid twenties) I was on my way to work and felt incredibly helpless and devastated. it was also a wake up call to realize that being alive is  BLESSING that we need to embrace and feel incredible thankful for. No tomorrow is promised and as cliche as that may sound, is the truth. We may be going through tough times in life but as long as we are breathing and still here, thats all you need. Everything else can be fixed. 

Dayana-- I dedicate this post to you. May you rest in peace and thank you for being such an amazing person. Although I just met you briefly you introduced me to a whole new world and so many amazing things to see in your beautiful country, Peru. Thank you for teaching me so much about life and being the best tour guide i've ever encountered. I know God you has you in his highest glory.

Tomorrow I plan to write up my January recap, how my goals went and introduce new goals for February!!!! :)


What do you feel fortunate for this week?!

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