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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Made My Own Granola and is GOOD!!

Hey Everyone!

How you're all enjoying a good week! It probably goes without saying I haven't been so active lately with the blog because things have gotten quite busy. Nonetheless, here I am to share something I did this past weekend which I am super excited about: made my own granola!

I probably sound like the biggest nerd right now but after spending sooo much money on granola since I started my healthy-living journey (IE: I love the LoveGrown brand but is $$$) I decided to experiment and do my own.

Where do you go when you want to find out how to do something immediately?! Google! I found a great and simple recipe and to my surprise I had all the needed ingredients on hand! I entered the world "clean" on my search because granola can have quite a high amount of calories and fat so I wanted to make sure I found something I wouldnt have to feel guilty about eating.

Here is the recipe from Clean Eating Magazine.

I didn't have cranberries on hand so I used raisins (which I added after the granola was already made since I've never baked raisins before and wasn't quite sure how that would work.)

Here are some photos of the process--->

In to the Oven:

Out of the Oven:

Cut up in to Real Granola!:

Placed it in my containers from Almond Butter which I keep because I am crazy. One of the jars is almost halfway done:

And now I take it to work and mix it with my Greek Yogurt for breakfast! YUM!

Cant wait to experiment with more flavors!!! I also want to get cute containers to put it in :)

Question: Have you ever tried making granola, or anything at all that you had previously spent money on? or, do you rather just buy it?


  1. ooh that is pretty cool!! I've never would have thought to even attempt to make my own!


Thank you for your comment :)