Ma Bella Vita: My First Race of 2013 -N- Fun February Objectives!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Race of 2013 -N- Fun February Objectives!

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday!

I am feeling a million times better than last week considering Im finally settled in to my work/school schedule and can finally plan meals, workouts, and fun times accordingly.

Yesterday I completed the NYRR Gridiron Classic 4-miler with my sister and her friends. It was freeeezingggggggggggg. It literally felt in the negative degrees. Thankfully once I started to run I eventually got warmer.

 I have to say this was probably up there as one of the most difficult races I have ever done for two reasons: 
1. the ridiculous temperature 
2. an unexpected amount of hills. 

Just a couple of months ago or so I ran an ENTIRE 10K (my first one) NON STOP and felt amazing the entire time (minus the muscle pain the next day). For this particular race, although it was only 4 miles I actually had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath!

But, all in all I loved racing with my sister and her cool friends whom are also really in to running. We actually created our own little running club so, I cant wait to do more races with them. Below are some of the pictures from yesterday (still waiting on my sis to send me the rest!):

(In case you are wondering or forgot what I look like I am the girl with the Gray sweater and the blue headband! lol)

Very cool collage made by my sis (and stolen and cropped borrowed from her Instagram):

So, side note: My sister's new boyfriend is so cool. He now comes to races with us and is in to running (when he's never ran in his life! lol) thats when you know someone is really in to you--> When they are willing to try new things they've never done before just to be around you. How awesome is that!

So, moving on to the stuff I want to get done in February. Want to make this quick because my dinner is waiting :)

Objectives for Feb 2013:

1. Fitness: Finish week 2 of Jillian's Shredin30 (Finish Strong!) and sign up for two races

2. Health: Make a conscious effort to Drink at least 3.15 pints of water per day (baby steps)

3. Money: Organize my finances & Set a "on my way to riches" plan 
I am usually pretty good with finances overall but when it comes to paying bills and actually opening correspondence on time I need to get more organized!

In terms of the "on my way to riches" plan that's pretty much setting a more advanced version of a budget for myself that I can comfortably follow.

4. Friendships: Set a "catch up date" with a close friends (I want to set aside more time for my good friends)

5. Personal Development: Complete at least 1 module of the investment course I am taking online

Okay that's it for February. There were a couple of things I wanted to add (ie: read another book) but I dont want to over-extent myself considering I have quite a few things going on. If I end up doing more than the above, of course I will share!

Q: Do you have any goals for February?!


  1. Congrats!! I've been getting more into running since I went our and ran back in NOvember. I'm so thankful I figured out just how much I love it.

    I agree, your sister must have found a great match, it's definitely not a case of "he's just not into her"! Good for them. He's a cutie too :)

    No February goals, other than to stay happy and positive. I tend to get sad in winter.


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