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Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Cabin Fever did and How I reversed it....Somewhat.

Hello my friends!

I came to visit my mom but she is busy helping my dad with his business so, I decided to sit back and do some blogging. I write this after eating this delicious home made meal:

It had been a while since I had my mom's cooking and I was kinda missing it yesterday. So, Im glad I made it here today. Is also always nice to come home and see my family-- Always a plus (in other words: I am not just here for the food lol).

The Cabin Fever Fiasco: So yesterday I spent the E.N.T.I.R.E day at my apartment. I had plans in the morning of going for a run but then I noticed that they hadn't clean the path where I usually do my running. Plus, I saw A LOT of kids and their parents playing in the snow (the greatness of being able to see the entire track from my bedroom window!). I didn't feel like being the random person just running and risking busting my ass behind  in front of all my neighbors so I decided to postpone my run and do some cleaning instead. 

Well, after a nice breakfast, some cleaning and internet browsing I planted myself in front of the TV and did a WHOLE lot of snacking and eating and then some more! Ugh! I know a big trigger for me is the TV but somehow after a long week I guess I was too lazy to do anything else. I also had somewhat of a headache and didn't feel too great so, while my snacking was taking place I watched a gazillion Lifetime movies about peoples lives which I find really interesting (don't judge me lol) and other random shows. By the time the day was over I felt like the biggest bum in the world.

....FAST FORWARD to this morning: I woke up with a mission!! Before I could think twice I put on my running gear and off I went. I completed 3 easy miles non-stop (by "easy" I mean I took my time) and then did a cool down by walking my way back to my apartment. There was still snow in the ground (probably my first time running on snow) but I made it work somehow! That run felt A.M.A.Z.I.NG.

Note: I am not the fastest runner in the world. I go at my own pace. I know a lot of you guys can do an 8 minute mile. Im still working myself up to that. One day I shall surprise you all :)

Back at my place I was in the mood for some hard boiled eggs so, while that was getting done I decided to do my scheduled Jillian workout: Ripped In 30. I am happy to announce I completed day 7 of week 2. I start week 3 this week coming up. I don't know if I should be excited or scared.

Post my workout and breakfast I took a shower, washed my hair. I then snacked on almonds and dark chocolate (not pictured). Eventually I got motivated to do some meal prepping for the week and that's what I did. Here are some photos:

In the zip-locks  Seasoned salmon and tilapia which i can cook up quickly. The containers on the side have whole wheat pasta divided up for 3 days.

Also, prepped some "grab and go" breakfast items:

In the zip locks: Granola with raisins. In the white paper: Almond butter and Jelly on sprouted raisin bread they all make a great and super satisfying breakfast).

Once that was done I came to visit my parents and here I am for a bit. Feels good to be here :).

So, the "somewhat" on the title of this post means that I cant say I've been eating 100% clean today (although I am working on recovering from yesterday's eating fiasco!). But, I've found a nice balance. I ate my moms food in moderation and somehow found the will power not to over do it too much on the dark chocolate earlier today! Life is all about balance. I am usually super good about my food and my workouts during the week. We all slip off once in a while. Is part of life!

Question: Hows your Sunday going? were you affected by the snow storm this weekend?

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  1. I loooove mom's home-cooked meals too! :D

    Great run! running is so strictly personal to everyone, so I never worry about speed compared to anyone else!


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