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Friday, March 29, 2013

Active Week! and Fortunate Fridays

Hey my dear people! 

I am spending Easter weekend at my parents and I just had some good food which I tried to eat in moderation and somewhat succeeded minus the fact that my little cousin gave me an Easter basket with jelly beans and I'm sorta'-kinda' snacking on that right now. Feels good to be home.

My week went pretty well in regards to what working out and staying "stress free" is concerned. I am on spring break this week (hallelujah) which usually doesn't mean much to graduate students who work full time except for the fact that I have free time after work to do stuff and this week I decided to spend that time running and continuing my training for the half I am running in a couple of weeks (didn't realize how close it is! ahhh).

For some strange reason I am not panicking (yet?).  Anyways, I want to share how my date went last Friday but I am about to watch a movie with family so that may have to wait until the weekend. I leave you with my Fortunate Friday Fives :) This week I felt fortunate for:

1. My dad Income Tax expertise and having someone I can rely on to do my taxes (one less thing to worry about!). Finally got them done this week!!!

2. Finding healthy/quality goodies at Big Lots-- O.M.G! There is a store by my job where I have been finding organic treats for under $2! Is crazy!!! (Some of the brands: Udis, Cascadian Farms, etc.) I see some of these brands at whole foods for double or tripple the price in comparison to Big Lots. Makes me wonder why but I am certaintly not complaining and is a perfect time to stock up on goodies!

3. Being able to remain focused and consistent with my running and remaining active this week! After a couple of weeks of slacking off I finally got my ish together and ran on monday, tuesday and thursday and did 3.5 mile walks on wednesday and today. Feeling good! I also made some healthy dinners which I enjoyed after my work out. I am trying to post pics but blogger picture feature seems to be down (what is going on?!)

4. Nicer weather. Although spring is still hiding somewhere it has been nicer these past couple of days and I cannot wait for the REAL nice weather so I can do some long runs outside.

saving the best for last...

5. Family! Love my family and love spending time with them. My mom took the time to make a delicious family meal to bring everyone together on this holiday and I love being surrounded by them! I am usually running around on my own during the week so being here just calms me and helps me put things in to perspective every time.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend. Do you celebrate Easter?

With Love,

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  1. Really, Big Lots sells food?! I gotta check that out!
    And, my dad does my taxes too, and my husband's. It's so wonderful.

    I left an answer to your question on my blog, so check it out when you get a moment!
    Enjoy your weekend :)


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