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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dinner and Someone needs to ban me from TJMaxx


Figured I passed by for a quick post and to share a few things. I managed to get home "early" enough today (by early meaning 9pm!) and prepped some dinner. I had some pre-seasoned wild salmon in my freezer. Thankfully fish seems to cook fairly quickly so I paired it up with my fave: sweet potatoes!  I added some cinnamon on top. Pic might not look very "attractive" but I can assure you it was GOOD! (I also had some unsweetened almond milk with my meal):

So, this is why I need to get banned from TJMaxx. Long story short, yesterday I had an AMAZING chopped salad by a place around my job (think: feta, avocado, grilled chicken, fresh lettuce/spinach/carrots/cucumbers). The salad was so well "chopped" that I didnt even need to add dressing! Sooo good.

So, the above noted salad inspired me to go by one of my retail addictions today: TJMaxx--on the search for a salad chopper. And long and behold, my wishes came true:

(only $4.99!!)

I had no business continuing to walk around the store and should have gone straight to pay for my chopper and left the store. Instead I walked over to their stationary section where I found this lovely number:

(Also $4.99!!!)

I am ashamed to say I could not help myself. It was the ONLY one there and I am obsessed with cute notebooks like that. I had to get it. The cover is leader, by the way. Super nice! I do a lot of journaling so, it will definitely be put to use!

They had so many cute notebooks. Here's another one:

I managed not to buy it but I loved the message: "When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes".
So cute, right?! :)

Ok just wanted to share! Oh! and Ive been running more this week by the way! so happy about that. But, will elaborate more on my end of week wrap up!.

QUESTION: Are you obsessed with any store in particular?


  1. I loooove cute little notebooks like that!! I have a friend from overseas who surprises me and mails me new ones all the time!

    1. Glad Im not alone in my obsession for cute notebooks. Ive been like this my whole life. Not sure where I got it from lol

  2. That bird notebook is so cute! When I was in college, TJ Maxx was the ONLY "clothing/household goods" store in town and happened to be located right next the the main grocery store, so we went there ALL the time.

    I think a salad chopper sounds like a good way to encourage you to eat more vegetables! I don't love vegetables but I'll eat them if they're available. Taking the time to cut them is kind of more than I can handle sometimes!

    1. I hear you! the "work" of cutting up veggies or putting salads together could be the last thing we wanna do specially after a long busy day. But I guess is all worth it for a healthy lifestyle!


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