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Monday, March 4, 2013

Dont Be Afraid To Jump

This post may or may not be appropiate for a Monday...but here goes:

Soooo In addition to hearing this news at least one million times per day since the announcement;  my amazing Bloomberg news app was also kind enough to send me yet another notification:

...and it got me thinking.

Sometimes we are afraid to steer in to the road(s) less traveled or to do something out of the ordinary simply because we are afraid of what people may say or think. Sadly, I include myself on that list.

Sometimes I feel like "jumping off the train" in terms of things going on in my current life. I am not 100% ready to share it on here but I CAN share that one of the major reasons that keeps me from "jumping off" is dissapointing other people-- being my family and other people who count on me and whom I feel need me. I also feel intidated at the thought of having to have that face to face conversation which may need to take place once I make up my mind. I tell myself to hold off a bit and to wait until the "right time comes" to make that jump.

Well, guess what-- as I have heard many famous gurus say: the time is NOW. Time is never completely perfect.

Yet, is not all black and white, as previously noted. I am sure I will figure it all out sooner rather than later, I have faith in that. This is is not a post where I want people to feel sorry for me. This is the point of this post:

If the pope, THE most famous religious figure whom is known WORLDWIDE, can make a decision to retire--- which hasn't been done in 600 years, regardless of what people may say or think (I'm pretty sure he could care less about any rumors), why can't some of us take that as an example to do what we want to do when we want to do it, if it feels good in our hearts?

What stops us? Time waits for no one.

Would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this :)




  1. Such a great post. Fear of the unknown stops me..and ESPECIALLY the worry of letting my family down.

    Best of luck with your situation :)

    1. Thank you! I am with you on that 'letting family down' thing. I will figure it out. Things always work out for the best :)


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