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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fortunate Fridays, Week Workout Summary, 1/2 Marathon Debate


The title of this post perfectly summarizes what I want to talk about right this second. Looking to make this short and sweet.

First things first...

Five things I feel Fortunate for this week:

1. Finding the "classical" station on Pandora, which I find amazing to listen to during meals-- helps me wind down and really enjoy my food.

2. This post from The Candid RD on National Nutrition Month-- Loved. It.

3. My finance team member whom appears to be super proficient in excel and knew how to figure out our first homework. I have to admit I initially had no clue what I was doing! If it wasn't for him I don't know what I would have done. I tried to figure everything out myself and it took me nearly 6 hours! Ugh! Thats where my Sunday went last week.

4. Motivational fitness photos on Instagram and Pinterest which give me the boost I need to get moving and not give up on my healthy lifestyle when all I want to do is crash on my couch and eat. I have a fairly new fitness account: FitgalNYC and a fairly older personal account: LoveMyBlessedLife (both on Instagram). Feel free to follow! I will be more than happy to follow you back as well. (oh, by the way, if I haven't mentioned it I am also on twitter: @dolcemabelle).

If this is not motivating and inspiring I don't know what is:

5. Realizing new things about myself and my eating habits--- one of them being that sometimes I overeat and try to find "refugee" in food when I am trying to avoid certain things in life that I incorrectly feel are out of my control ( 99% likely 100% of the time they are not) and thus, I eat to hide from the world. I've realized that when I FACE head on whatever is bothering me the anxiety usually disappears and the urge to overeat is no longer there. Work in progress...

This is the book I've been reading which is putting a lot of things in to perspective (almost done, will give a review of it when I am finished):

Workouts for the week:
**Note: Some of the awesome blogs I follow summarize workouts for the week and is SUPER motivating. I want to start doing that myself! So, you may be getting a weekly wrap up of my work outs. We'll see how this goes! Taking this one week @ the time!

Saturday: 2.29 mile run
Sunday: Nada
Monday: 2 mile run/walk
Tuesday: 4.36 mile walk/run
Wednesday: 2.5 mile walk
Thursday: 4 mile speed walk
Friday: Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 WEEK 3, DAY 1!!! (super tough but love love loving it!)

*nada= no workout ):

1/2 Marathon Debate:
Sooooo I kinda sorta' wanna sign up for this More-Fitness Magazine Half. The race is on 04/14/13 so, about 6 weeks away more or less?

The debate arises because of the following:
1. Ive never ran a 1half before in my life! (the most Ive ran is a 10K)
2. I haven't been running consistently lately. Meaning I should probably be running right this second if I wanna train for this.
3. One of my friends is having a birthday that weekend and Im supposed to be there (cant party the night away and then go run a half, right?)

The "positive" side:
1. I love fitness magazine and i've subscribed for years!!! It would be cool to run one of their races. I remember going to their pre-race expo once (back when I thought running was only for hard core athletes) and remember thinking to myself how I wish I could be a runner too. Well, this could be my chance!
2. I can get a cool medal to add to my collection!
3. I can run it with my sister and hopefully her friends too-- always so much fun!
4. This can help me get in to a habit of running more consistently.

Thanks for reading! 
  • Any thoughts on whether or not I should run this half? if yes, where can I find a good 6 week training plan? :) 
  • what was the highlight(s) of YOUR week?


  1. Aww, thanks for sharing my post! I'm glad it was a highlight of your week, that means a lot.
    I love that quote about being one workout away from a good mood. Boy is that true!
    Yes, do the half....why not?! Now's a better time than any!!

  2. I'd say go for it! Like Gina above says, why not? Runner's World has a customizable training plan calculator thing you can use that allows you to put in current mileage, goal mileage, and time to train. I used it before a half last year and it worked pretty well! Of course there are others out there as well, but I like theirs because you can tell them how much time you've got to train.

    I think that, given your current mileage, you should be able to complete a half in six weeks. Keep in mind that it's totally okay to do a combination of both walking and running, which is actually a technique used by a lot of people. The excitement of crossing the finish line will be off-the-charts regardless of whether you run the whole thing or not!


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