Ma Bella Vita: Post # 301: Fortunate Fridays, March Objectives and Overnight Oats

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Post # 301: Fortunate Fridays, March Objectives and Overnight Oats

This is my post #301 :)...I should really pay closer attention to my Blog's milestones..

Hey everyone!
First of all, there is some crazy and random snow storm going on in NYC (yes the Friday before we spring forward our clocks) and my morning was quite insane!

My bus never showed up so after around 45 minutes of waiting around I had to take a $8 cab to the train. Needless to say I made it to work super late. Thankfully my boss was understanding but what a disaster of a morning I had!

 I know it could have been worse. So, I am over it! Thankfully I had prepped breakfast the night before and once I finally made it to work I was able to enjoy my overnight oats (in an near-empty almond butter jar):

[In the mix: Chobani 0% Greek yogurt mixed in with a little bit of stevia for flavor, cinnamon, 1/3 cup of granola and raisins] Had it with some coffee on the side. So good! It had been a while since I had it.

And here is the Fortunate Friday Rundown of the week. This week I feel fortunate for...

1. Coming home to a clean apartment-- my mom was off from work one day this week. Since she's the type of person that constantly has to be "in motion" she called and asked whether I'd like her to swing by my place and clean up a bit. How could I be against that?!
Well, I came home to the smell of clean and fresh. Thanks mom!

2. Living during a time where absolutely everything is available on the internet-- I know this is so "normal" to us now but I am an 80s baby and I do remember a time where the internet was not in existence (encyclopedia Britannica anyone?!). Well, I've been doing research on different topics this past week (from personal to school related) and the fact that everything is so easily and readily available is definitely something to feel fortunate for... and not to be taken for granted!

3. Health-- I always feel fortunate for this but figured I throw in a friendly reminder. If you have health you have everything.

4. The free gym at my school-- or maybe I should say "free" because my tuition covers part of it (whether I like it or not). But anyway, Ive been trying to fit in some runs during my busy week and figured since I am already on campus nearly every single day I could make good use of my time and hit the gym before my class. This week has been a success with that! I'll elaborate more on my next post.

5. Scholarships for MBA students. Since my company doesn't pay for school I've had to get "creative" on searching for resources and found some scholarships online which i will be applying for. Please pray for me and wish me luck!!

I know I am 8 days late but here are my top 5 Objectives for the month of March:

1. Friendships: Meet up with at least one friend I haven't seen in a while (roll over from February)
2. Fitness: Run 2-3 times a week, Finish Jillian rippedin30 week 3
3. Personal: Tackle things head on before they ever have a chance to stress me out.
4. School: Stay on top of school stuff
5. Finish requirements for at least one scholarship

Any plans for March? How was your friday morning?

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