Ma Bella Vita: Where did February Go?!?! Month Recap

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Where did February Go?!?! Month Recap

OOK. I know this month is short but it went by so fast! I'm pretty sure I say this for every month.

I digress..

Just wanted to come by and share my recap of how I did on my February objectives noted in this post (if you missed it). So, here it is:

1. Fitness: Finish week 2 of Jillian's Shredin30 (Finish Strong!) and sign up for two races

Definitely finished week 2 and finished strong! But I must confess that was like 2-3 weeks ago (I finished up my 7 days shortly after the month started) and I haven't looked back since. Meaning; I haven't even started week 3 of the ShredIn30 but lets just say March will be the perfect opportunity to get that show on the road!

2. Health: Make a conscious effort to Drink at least 3.15 pints of water per day (baby steps)

Ugh! This didn't go 100%. I would say I was able to keep up with that for about 60-70% of the time this months but there were days where I would just have one pint or two and then just move on to having tea for the rest of the day. I know tea is good but I read somewhere that water v. tea is not the same in terms of benefits for your body. Anyone has any thoughts on that? is that true? or would any form of "liquid" do when it comes to water intake? Wish I could count Vanilla Milkshakes as part of my water quota.

 3. Money: Organize my finances & Set a "on my way to riches" plan
I am usually pretty good with finances overall but when it comes to paying bills and actually opening correspondence on time I need to get more organized! In terms of the "on my way to riches" plan that's pretty much setting a more advanced version of a budget for myself that I can comfortably follow.

DONE! Have to say I got to tackle this task at the very beginning of the month and I am glad I got it over with! I made a list of all my monthly bills and when they are due. I posted the list in my fridge so that I wouldn't miss it. Furthermore, I added the dates to my google calendar. I feel so much more organized now and have a better idea of how much I am able to save each month. Yeyyy for financial planning!

4. Friendships: Set a "catch up date" with a close friends (I want to set aside more time for my good friends)

Did not do so well with this. :( I actually didn't see any of the friends I wanted to schedule catch up dates with. Life responsibilities get in the way but there should always be time for friendships and bonding so I need to do better on this. Lets roll this one over to March.

5. Personal Development: Complete at least 1 module of the investment course I am taking online.

Done and Done. Actually, was able to complete TWO modules and I just have one more to go. I realized I can listen to the lessons while cooking or cleaning around the house and stopping when needed to take notes. Multitasking! I will still go through them one more time to make sure I catch the "technical math-related stuff".

Welcome March! Hope you bring warmer days and some memorable experiences :)

Tell me, How was your February? Any memorable events? 

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