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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Foods, Workouts, March?, N belated Fortunate Friday

Hello Hello :)

Happy Saturday. I've finally had the chance to sit down and take a close look at what happened (or didn't happen) with my March goals and think about some objectives for April. So without further ado' here is the analysis for March:

1. Friendships: Meet up with at least one friend I haven't seen in a while (roll over from February)

Not bueno. Had plans to go to a friend's bday party at her house (someone I haven't seen in about 3 years and whom ive been really looking forward to catching up with). Unfortunately that weekend did not work out and so, I am making plans to see her for dinner soon. Life happens but I am not giving up on this one.

2. Fitness: Run 2-3 times a week, Finish Jillian rippedin30 week 3

Half and half on this one. I believe I got up to day 4 of week 3 of Jillian Rippedin30 and then I started to train for my half marathon which meant strength training with Jillian was replaced by runs and then walks on my "off days". Ive read in many blogs that cross training should involve some weights on the days when I am not running. However, for some reason I just didn't feel like it and focused mostly on cardio for nearly the entire month of March. One thing to be grateful for, however, is that I remained active and exercising but I plan to reincorporate Jillian in to my life in the near future.

3. Personal: Tackle things head on before they ever have a chance to stress me out.

Did a fairly good job with this one. It is still a work in progress but something I have learned for sure is that facing the things that stress me out and tackling procrastination helps me relieve stress and eliminates anxiety in my life. Not to mention it gets me back to my "peaceful" state of mind which I love so much. I may have mentioned this before or you may have heard it somewhere but is true that when you tackle things head on they no longer have power over you. Step by step I will continue improving on this.

4. School: Stay on top of school stuff
I was on "spring break" for a week and half so I didn't have a lot to 'stay on top of' actually, yes I did but I got lazy about school. However, I am back in school mode and this will be a major focus for me this Month.

5. Finish requirements for at least one scholarship  

I finally talked to the two people I wanted recommendations from and they happily agreed. I have to admit I finally did it this week. One thing I have to be honest about is that I was getting depressed and down at the fact that I couldn't find the time during March to work on this and part of the reason is that I sometimes feel like I am bothering people when asking for favors like this one. Thankfully, at the beginning of this week I got my ish together and decided to face my fears and get over the "bothering people" mentality (which is something I need to work on). I am feeling a million times better and I can happily say that most of my application is complete! May not have happened in March but first week of April turned out to be super productive thank god!

***So I have two ways in which I can look at March: I can say that it wasn't very productive in terms of the goals I had outlined for myself. OR I can say that I learned a ton of lessons that helped me get in to the right state of mind and which will help me going forward in my life. I choose the latter.

In other news, I have to share that I prepared and ate so many delicious meals this week. Who said eating healthy had to be boring or expensive? 

Some of my breakfast/lunch/dinner choices this week: 


Transitioning in to Fortunate Fridays (sorry I am delayed). Like every week, I have a ton to feel fortunate for. So, here is the run down for this week:

1. Having had the stamina to run over 6 miles (something I haven't done in a long time). The ability to run for longer than 1-2 miles did not come over night and is something that I've been able to build up little by little. Continuous improvement is an amazing thing.

2. On that same token-- being able to walk normally, to be independent with my body and do things for myself. I watched an inspiring documentary last weekend about a famous artists whom lost his ability to walk and move great part of his body due to an accident. His life changed overnight and he suddenly had to depend on people to simply go to the bathroom. Although the story was super sad he was also inspiring because (over time) he learned to look at this disability on a positive light. I get mad at life because I get breakouts on my face! made me feel so guilty that I would complain about something so silly when there are people in the world struggling with bigger things. It is amazing when documentaries like that make you put your whole life in perspective.

3. Intuitive eating articles that I have been reading on different blogs. This one was great. Check it out! I have self diagnosed myself with being an 'emotional eater' so it feels good to read about ways in which I can change my behavior for the better. There is hope! One step at the time.

4. An aha! moment on a way in which I can incorporate the two things which I am passionate about in life and mold them in to a career (I'll share that in the near future). Funny how I get those "aha" moments during my 9-5 job specifically during the morning hours.

5. Finding an audio book I had on my old ipod called "The Present" is actually a best selling book which I borrowed in audio form from the library about 2-3 years ago and recorded in to my ipod. I started listening to it again a couple of days ago and is quite amazing the lessons this book has about living in the present moment and how that can help you be happier, more successful and more satisfied with your life. I plan to write a post on the lessons from this book. It is a great one! stay tuned.

6. Bonus Fortunate: Got emails from people that enjoy my reading my blog. That always puts a smile on my face. Also, fun giveaways coming soon!!

About my April Goals: I am trying to decide whether to make them public or just let you guys know how it went after I am done with the month. A quote I really loved this week:

*Sometimes sharing helps me stay accountable though. So, we shall see :)

Q: What do you feel fortunate for this week?

PS: My half marathon is a week away EXCITED! :) Now I am off to do another training run. See ya' later. :)

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  1. So many things that I love about this post!!

    First of all you will do great next weekend!! Yay,for signing up for you first half marathon! :) You got this girl! Can't wait to hear about your experience :)



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