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Monday, April 8, 2013

Money Monday$!

Hello everyone! So, if you have been following my blog for a while you may know I am in to finance-- specifically personal finance and money management.

I have to say that I've always been pretty good with money. Sometimes I call myself a "money hoarder" because I go through times where ALL I do is save (after my "fixed expenses" are taken care of).
Whatever you may want to call it--- cheap, frugal--- Saving is something that I consider to be very extremely important.

I want to start a series entitled “Money Mondays” on the blog where I’ll share tips and tricks on personal finance. Sometimes the topic may seem like common sense—or friendly reminders on stuff you may have already heard before. Other times, I’ll share something new all of which you can start to implement in your daily lives for a more financially secured future.
I shall start off by sharing with you guys a simple adjustment I made to my routine since the beginning of the year and which has been saving me quite a bit of change so far.

I present you with this:

My dear mother gifted me the above pictured thermo/ insulated coffee mug sometime in mid-January. This was so perfect as I was getting kinda’ tired of handing over my money to the corner coffee guy So far this “investment” (as per mother, she paid $5 for it) has saved me over $100 since the beginning of the year. Talk about a nice chunk of change! I suppose I could subtract how much I’ve paid for my supermarket coffee and milk from said 'savings' but, you get the idea! *I am sure you can find a fancier or ‘nicer’ mug somewhere in the cyber world. After all, this will be an investment but for now this little thing has been perfect for me.
When I first started working in downtown Manhattan (November of 2011) I got in to this habit of buying coffee every morning. I have never been the type to buy fancy $5 coffees at Starbucks but something warm and with a bit (or a lot) of caffeine has been necessary to start my day. I would usually stick with the plain and regular cafe with milk which would cost me $1.95 per day (imagine how much YOU would save if you have a Starbucks habit).

Eliminating coffee from my daily routine was not an option so, I simply decided to find an alternative by bringing it from home and I’ve been able to make it work!
Let’s look at some numbers:

*Started: January 15
Today's date: April 8
Approximate amount of work days so far: 60
Total I would have spent of coffee per day: $1.95
Total Saved: $107 (and counting)
*The 'Starbucks' or 'Fancy Coffee' habit edition
Average Starbucks cup of Joe: $4.05
Work days: 60
Total Saved: $243!!

*Try it yourself! Insert how much you've spent on a cup of coffee (tea, breakfast?)  Since January 2013 instead of bringing that from home!!

Now, I am not going to tell you to go buy a new purse or new shoes with the money you are saving. I am going to advise you to put that in your savings account (or preferably investment account) and see it grow. Maybe start funding a Roth IRA?
Anyway, I’m excited about this new series! Hope you liked this post! My goal is to share some good tips in relation to personal finance either every Monday or every other Monday depending on whether I have something new to share. Thanks for reading!
Question: In which ways do you try to save money? Any personal finance questions/topics you’d like to see featured on the blog? Let me know. I am here to serve!


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