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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Yummy Dinner and April Objectives


So, as the title indicates, I made a decision to make goals for April. I wasn't going to do it but thought about a few things I'd like to accomplish and what better place to share it than on my beloved blog.

Before I get to that, I want to introduce you to the yummy dinner I had tonight:

*Chopped salad! (in the mix: spinach, avocado, feta cheese & grated carrots). I made a small quesadilla to have a on the side made with a small whole wheat tortilla and some fat free mozzarella cheese I found on sale at the super market the other day. Surprisingly, not bad at all!!! I also have some leftover low fat sour cream and had about 1 tablespoon of it with my quesadilla. Dinner was great!

Only thing I have to share is that I started to munch on Wheat Thins post dinner and ate too many off them!! ugh! remind me to never buy that thing unless is portioned bags. I could easily eat the entire box. Is scary.

Oh! And for some reason I've really been in to making smoothies lately. I found some frozen pineapple pieces that I've had in my freezer for like 6 months  and mixed it with some unsweetened coconut-vanilla milk & a little bit of stevia + ground cinnamon  This was last night after I got home from class:

*It was GOOD!

And finally, today I passed by one of my favorite stores lately (BigLots) and found cascadian farm organic granola bars on sale for $1.99!!! (about 6 or 8 bars per box) these are mini and only 70 calories. Perfect snack when on the go or simply when I may be craving something sweet!

I also found boxes of their organic granola cereal! also $1.99!! I bought two boxes of both. Didn't buy more because I was on my lunch break and really didn't feel like going back in to the office with 300 bags of groceries. A tad bit odd.

Without further ado' here are my April objectives, keeping it simple! I know I am late but better late than neva'--->
1. Re-incorporate weight training in to my work out schedule! Because of my race coming up I've been focusing mainly on cardio so I want to get back in to my weights habit!
2. Wake up early every morning (and I will discuss my definition of "early" at the end of the month when I go through my goals round up hehe).
3. Complete & submit my scholarship application
4. Drink 2 liters of water per day
5. Make significant progress on my entrepreneurship project

Hope you've all had a Happy Wednesday!

QUESTION: Do you like chopped salads or do you feel they are too much work to make? What do you like to add in for taste?

In my opinion, they may require a little bit more effort than just throwing in a random salad together but is worth it!!

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