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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Running, Eating and Welcoming April

Hello my dear readers,

Happy April! Just passing by to say hello and share a few things. First of all, would like to share some of the meal prep I did this past Sunday to make sure my week goes smoothly. I am obviously very proud of the 4pieces of chicken pictured below*:

*Organic chicken found on sale at my local supermarket.
Also pictured: Carrots in ‘snack bags’ and fruit in containers. I also made a small batch of organic mac and cheese (not pictured).

Would also like to share my delicious breakfast which I took to work from home this morning:

Eggs (2 egg whites, 1 yolk) on a 'flat' cinnamon raisinbagel. I also had my coffee and munched on a little bit of grapes and melon forthe rest of the morning (keeping healthy snacks at hand keeps me fromfantasizing about the vending machine at work).

So yesterday I had an amazing run! I must start by saying that the run was not at all planned! I was feeling a little down because I got bored at work and started to munch on chocolate by mid afternoon. Thankfully, I didn’t over do it but it certainty wasn’t part of my efforts to keep it clean. Nonetheless, thanks to daylight savings time, it was still light out when I got home after work (this is rare!). It was a little chilly but I looked at the track and then remembered my half marathon is coming up in a couple of weeks and somehow found the motivation deep inside of me to tie up my sneakers and hit the ground running (literally).
The first couple of miles were a little tough but after mile 3 my energy (or the chocolate I ate?) kicked in and I was feeling amazing.By mile 5 it was getting pretty dark and I knew it was getting late so I decided to wrap it up and ended the run almost at mile 7!! I was feeling so good that I know for a fact I could have kept going for several miles more.Maybe the endorphins were having a party inside of me or something.

Words cannot describe how amazing I felt. I haven’t run that long in a while and it is truly amazing progress for me. This is coming from someone whom used to get ecstaticat the thought of running 15 minutes on the treadmill back in the days so, you can only imagine how good it must feel to keep running for over an hour. As I have mentioned previously on the blog, I compare my successes to myself and to my personal milestones. I don’t compare myself to anyone else (there are a lotof amazing runners out there) so, I have to say I am very proud of myself.

Here was my post- workout dinner:

Grilled chicken, vegetables and ~1/2 cup organic mac and cheese.

Couple of Major things I have learned about running (at least personally): 1. Always make sure I am well fueled (cant be running on an empty stomach or hungry). 2. Good music is key. Whenever I want to stop and a great song kicks in is like I get injected with incredible energy and I just want to keep going. Also, making it a point to "reach the next tree or pole coming up" also helps a lot.
In other news, I have to fess up on how I did with my goals during the month of March (sneak peak: not so great) but I shall share that on my next post when I go through my objectives for April.
April is filled with amazing things and I can’t wait to make this a great month. I know the nicer weather is fast approaching and I have fun things to look forward to. So, no need to feel down or regretful. Is just a matter of keeping it moving, keep pushing forward.
Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

Question: What kind of music (or podcasts) do you like tolisten do during a run? Any recommendations?

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