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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun NYC events: Dominican Film Festival

Happy Thursday everyone! First I’d like to start w/ sharing that I was able to accomplish another morning jog today with my virtual running buddy. We are trying out this new “waking each other up” experiment. Today was the second day this week and so far so good (we are shooting for every other day). Here is why support can be so important sometimes:

I gave myself 30 minutes and then walked by to my apartment to get ready for work. I still cant believe my pace improvement and I am very happy about it. I did about 3 miles over all (the last mile or so was spent walking/cooling down so is not reflected on the Nike App results).


In other news; for those who may not know, I am originally from the Dominican Republic (right term is “Dominican” although ive had people asked me whether I am Dominican Republican—not the right term). One of my best friends invited me to the “Dominican Film Festival” opening night, which took place yesterday at the Columbia University Medical Center auditorium here in NYC. I happily agreed. The movies feature Dominican actors and often take place in the country itself. The stories are compelling/dramatic and look to portray a picture of the Dominican culture, people, stories and circumstances (whether positive or negative).  I love seeing “my people” in the big screen and I truly admire their craft and talent.  So anyways, I jumped at the chance to go with her a had a truly amazing time!

I was able to meet some of the actors up close and personal and since it was a “red carpet event” I got to see a few celebrities from the Hispanic/Dominican community in person which is always exciting. One of my favorite Actors, Manny Perez, was present at the event (he was the protagonist of the movie MY friend and I watched). Is he sexy or what:

I think I met my future husband.

I took the liberty to stalk him from a distance and snapped a few pictures:


And this is the movie I saw last night:


*Movie was amazing. If you want to read more about it click here. It is completely in Spanish and I don’t remember if they had subtitles but if you live in New York City, have an interest in foreign films and maybe know a little bit (or a lot) of Spanish I recommend you check it out! The Dominican Film Festival ends on June 30th (sadly this weekend, so soon!) and they have a lot of interesting movies to choose from (only $10 bucks!) so definitely check out the site if you are interested.

And that is all folks! Have a great day. :)

Q: Do you like foreign films? Have you ever been to the Dominican Republic?

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