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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hanging out with Jillian in the Morning

Hello Everyone!

So, in honor’s of my “wake up earlier” goal and yesterday’s accomplishment, I decided to take another stab at it today and managed to get out of my very comfy bed at around 6:30 am. I was shooting for 6:10 but I’ll take it! In order to complement yesterday’s run, I decided to do some strength training this morning and what better person to do this with than with my beloved Jillian:

I completed the entire 30 day shred workout sometime last summer and I absolutely loved it! I may have mentioned this before, but I actually started seeing results on my entire body! About a month or so ago I re-started the program but things got busy (read: school) and I was just able to complete week 1. Well, today I picked up from where I left of!
I remember week 2 for some reason being more difficult than week 3 so I was scared and wondered whether I should start off with the basics again. However, I pushed through and didn’t find it as hard as I thought. I was sweating bullets (which felt awesome) and once it was over I was super happy to be able to finish another morning workout. Just makes my day that much better!

After the workout I rushed to get ready for work and couldn’t eat anything. By the time I got to downtown Manhattan (over an hour later!) I was starving! I began craving bananas for some reason (random) so I passed by my local Duane Reade  and picked up a couple (50 cents each if you are wondering). They were all super green. I usually like my bananas in the “middle” not green but not too ripe either but I got them anyways and inhaled one as soon as I got to my desk.

While checking through work email I then proceeded to have my breakfast which consisted of almond butter and jelly on a 100% whole wheat English muffin brought from home, prepared the evening before (not pictured) paired up with my fruit and café (w/ almond milk, no sugar) also courtesy of my casa. Failure to plan is planning to fail!                  

Hope everyone is having a fabulous hump-day. Break is over. Back to work but I leave you with today’s wonderful quote from the runner’s world calendar:


Q: Do you enjoy working out first thing in the morning?   

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