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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Morning Run & The Coolest Piece of Mail

So Ive been trying out this "working out in the morning" thing for the past week or so. To be quite honest, I woke up at 6am last week for a nice 3 mile run and it felt amazing to work out before work but for some reason I lacked motivation to wake up early again for the rest of the week. I ran on Saturday but it was later on in the morning (around 10-ish).

Well, this morning I took another stab at the 6 am wake up call and although I had to battle with my pillow for a bit I made it out the door in less than 10 minutes (it helps to prepare everything the night before). I think what motivated me the most to get out there was making "virtual running plans" with a friend. Meaning that we'd each wake up early and go out for a run in our respective neighborhoods. Then, we'd come back and report to each other that we did it! And we did indeed.

I bought new running sneakers a couple of weeks ago and my pace has improved significantly. I am not sure if its the sneakers or what but I'm sure that's playing a role regardless. I was running with very old sneakers (Nike Frees) which had gotten me through several races (including my first half marathon!). I didn't realize that the older sneakers get the more they may slow you down. This is my hypothesis. Would love to hear thoughts from experienced runners out there! I went to a very cool running store with my sister (Jack Rabit) and got myself my very first pair of Sauconys! So far so good!

I actually ended up running a little bit over 3 miles but I took a snap shot of this in the middle of my run because I was so excited to be going under 10 minutes a mile. This is one of the things that makes running so amazing, progress!

So, in other news..

A few months ago I purchased a Groupon deal for one of my absolutely favorite snacks: Kind Granola Bars! If you know the brand, you know that it can be expensive in comparison to other granola bars. However their quality and deliciousness can also make it quite worth it. The Groupon deal was such a steal so I went for it.

About a month after my purchase they sent me an email with an even better deal (one that I forgot to take advantage of). But it was super nice of them to send me exclusive offers (like really, really good offers) after my first purchase.

So anyway, I went to parent's house yesterday to visit and pick up my mail. Well, hanging out in between a pile of junk mail and bills I found what has to be one of the coolest "pieces" of mail I've ever gotten:


This definitely put a huge smile on my face. Yeyy for unexpected items, specially when is something delicious that I can eat! Definitely awesome!

Thank you Kind for you Kind Gift (point intended).

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday! 


**I was not compensated by kind for this post nor was I even asked to write the post. The thoughts are honest and my own. Getting that in the mail was beyond awesome.



  1. That's so great! Most power to you girl, i wish i could get up earlier. I have tired and just always go back to sleep. Will power i need...


  2. Is definitely not easy! I dont even know how I managed to detach myself from the bed this morning! haha. But is definitely not impossible and I think the more is done, the easier it gets. At least I hope so :)


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