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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Morning Run, Food and I want an IPAD2

Good morning sunshines!

Is a "confusing" morning here in NYC. One second it looks like it may rain and the next the sun is shining bright and high. So, not sure what to expect. I'm so happy is the weekend.

This morning I rolled out of bed at 8:30 am. Texted my "virtual running companion" but got no response. Either way, I pretended I did and got ready to run. Was out the door before 9 and completed the following:

-2 mile jog
-2 miles walk/run
-.85 miles walk/cool down

In total:

Post my workout I made myself some breakfast:

Eggs, avocado on whole wheat flax bread + my cafe w/ almond milk. Delish.

In other news, a couple of months ago  I entered to win a giveaway on A Journey To Thin and won!!! (yeyy) the prize was sponsored by ZINIO and consisted of a free digital subscription to the magazine of my choice. I LOVE magazines (more like obsessed) and so I was so excited for this giveaway. I had been eyeing Women's Running magazine for quite so time and so that was my first choice for my prize. Shortly thereafter, I received my subscription which I have been reading on my Kindle Fire App. The latest issue is the July issue (pic below) which I have not started reading yet but looking forward to doing so. So far I love the magazine and the Zinio app which is very easy to use and works in pretty much any devise (even your cell phone! although not sure is a good idea to use up that much memory for a magazine).

So anyways, even though its been okay reading the magazine on my Kindle Fire, I have also read it on my sister's IPAD2 and the difference and "reading quality" in terms of visuals, etc is quite significant. I am referring to the regular size IPAD (not the mini). The difference is so noticeable (in my personal opinion) that now I want to invest in an IPAD2. Considering I already have the kindle, getting an IPAD mini wouldnt make any sense to me because it would be the same size as to what I already have. I would LOVE to get the regular size IPAD2 with the "retina display" I dont know what the heck that means but it sounds cool.

So, putting this out there. I would love to get an IPAD2+ retina display+ wifi+ cellular. Is that too much to ask?. If I dont meet a sugar daddy soon I may have to get it myself ha!

Look at this beauty!!
Anyways, time to get this Saturday's show on the road. Hope ya'll have an amazing day!!!

PS: Sad to say goodbye to GoogleReader as of 07/01. I just transferred all my blogs to FEEDLY this morning. It was so easy to use! Thanks to Clare at Fitting It All In for the heads up!

Q: Do you own an IPAD? Whats your favorite thing about it?

*I was not compensated in any way for anything mentioned on this post. I did win a giveaway sponsored by Zinio and the opinions are true and my own.

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