Ma Bella Vita: Color Me Rad- MetLife Stadium Edition

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Color Me Rad- MetLife Stadium Edition

Hey everyone!

Hope you're all having a great Sunday  Passing by to share that this morning I ran the Color Me Rad race at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. My sister's friend was kind enough to pick us up from the city and off we went at the crack of dawn towards our race destination.

I have to say the race was a lot of fun mainly because I was with a group of fun friends whom made it all worthwhile. Also, the colors and the music all around the course was obviously the highlight of the entire event. I want to give an honest review of the race because a few things did bother me. So here goes the good, the bad, and the ugly:

The not so good:

1. Although we had all paid for the race (prices ranged from $35- $55 as race day got closer) we were still charged $10 for parking. There was absolutely no warning about this fee on the website nor the email they sent us last week with the final details of the race. Whats up with that?! (unless I miss it but I doubt it). We had no choice but to pay considering we were in the middle of nowhere and we had no other parking options.

2. The race took place in the parking lot of the MetLife stadium and they just placed orange cones around the perimeter to make sure we stayed in course. It really bothered me that there was no signs indicating which mile we were on. It was just one huge loop (I am assuming the loop was 3.2 miles but I'll never know considering none of the miles were tracked).

3. Wayyyyyy too many people walking. I know is okay to walk in a race once in a while but I would say anywhere from 70-80% of the people were just walking at very slow pace.

4. Not many free goodies to enjoy. Actually, barely any :( I am a huge fan of freebies so when I realized the most we were going to get for "free" were some Lara bars and some "chews" candy I was a little disappointed (although they are good). Here is a quick sample:

5. No Medal (ugh!) enough said! <--- this should be #1

The Good:

1. Fun activity to enjoy with friends on a Sunday morning. I had a great time spending quality time with my dear buddies and super excited for two of my friends for whom this was their VERY first race!

2. The t-shirt we got with our packages fits nicely! I am happy to add another cute shirt to my working out wardrobe.

3. We took tons of fun pics

4. Upbeat and energetic post-race mini "concert"

5. Friendly race staff

6. Good Lara Bar flavors (and they weren't stingy about how many we could take).

Another things to note is that there were a limited amount of color stations. Definitely not as many as I was thinking (I was afraid to be honest).This did not bother me at all. I was super happy about it as I was somewhat afraid of that "strange color powder". However, I have to admit that some of my friends were kinda' disappointed. The allegations on their website stating that allegedly they spray you every 5 minutes is kinda' of false advertisement. However, important to keep in mind that this race goes on country wide so maybe is different in other states.

I leave you with some fun pics of the event! I am the gal with the beige old navy hat :)

Now pardon me while I enjoy my tuna sandwich with a lettuce overload. :) Have a great Sunday!

Have you ever ran a color-race before? 


  1. I did a race a couple of years ago that was great except for the fact that they didn't have any mile signs. I didn't have a Garmin and wasn't even wearing a wrist watch, so I literally had no idea how far I had gone. It was incredibly annoying, especially when someone yelled "You've only got a quarter mile left!" and it was more like a mile.

    I also ran another race that didn't have anything in the "goodie bag," which was pretty surprising. Usually there's at least a bit of swag! But I DID get an awesome shirt and medal at the finish, so it was all good.

    I'm glad you had a good time!

  2. I am definitely with you in that I didnt like the fact that there was no way to track mileage! Booo! Hopefully the organizers get enough complaints and adjusted for future runs :)


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