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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How I (almost) got lost around my own neighborhood

First of all,  below is a portion of last night’s dinner (still no meat). A banana smoothie with TONS of spinach (hence the delicious- looking green color), while beans w/ salsa and sweet potato. I know this combination sounds kinda’ strange but it was good and got the job done.

So this morning I woke up for my regular morning run (a routine which began about 2 weeks ago and which I am building slowly). As I ran my regular loop I started to develop some kind of strange energy which propelled me to run outside my usual route. And so, as I ventured out of my familiar vicinity and with only about 15 minutes to spare (before running home to get ready for work) I found myself a little confused in regards to my whereabouts. Now, let me explain--- I’ve ran the alternate route before and I have been fine but I believe that the panic of having to get ready for work made me forget where I was for like half a second.

Thankfully, I eventually saw the sign for a familiar street which I like to think of as the middle point for everything within my apartment complex (which is huge!). Reminds me of my good ol’ college days up at the university at Albany (a huge place) where as an innocent freshman I had to find my way around by identifying a tower that was smack in the middle of campus (the good old days…). So, anyways, I was relieved once I saw that road and continued on my way.

As I found my way back to my apartment I said goodbye to the panic and continued on to enjoy the wonderful endorphins of running. Feels great to get my workout done before beginning my day. That way there is no room for excuses! And today is father’s birthday (whom I love so very much). We are going out to dinner tonight so, a workout would not have been possible.

Todays workout summary:

Source: Nike+ running App. If you have an IPHONE or smart phone in general. I recommend it. Is a great tool to track your mileage, calories and running/walking rates of speed. There are a ton of great apps out there but that’s the one I use. Although ive been seriously considering getting one those “polar” fitness watches I see all over the place lately.
By the way: You don’t need a smart phone or an app to get out there and run. If you have two legs and maybe a watch to time yourself, that’s really all you need.

If you don’t already work out in the morning, I encourage you to join me and wake up 30-40 minutes earlier (start slowly, every other day if you have to. Maybe start with 20 minutes) and get out there and walk, jog, run, do a workout DVD, whatever it is that can do to get your body and your metabolism moving. I assure you that once you get in to a morning routine there will be not looking back and you’ll begin to feel amazing and empowered. Take advantage of the fresh air and calm atmosphere the early morning hours have to offer!

Question: have you ever gotten loss while working out around your neighborhood?.


  1. Ahaha YES. When I lived in New York, I got lost every single run. Even with the ave-street grid system, I managed to get totally turned around. It was so much worse when I moved to Brooklyn! I always had to run with my phone in case I needed Google Maps.

    In Anchorage, where I live now, the mountains and ocean ensure I always know which way is which, so even if I were to get lost I'd be able to get back to an area I recognize pretty easily.

    I'm glad you got your run in and made it back to your place!

  2. Haha! Thanks for sharing your experience. I am glad I am not alone with this getting loss while running thing. :)
    I didnt know you lived in NYC before. That's awesome! I wonder what you like better-- nyc OR where you are now...


Thank you for your comment :)